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VDARE Under Assault by Diversity Lawfare

Amerika came about as the latest in a series of projects based on the idea that we should measure our acts by their consequences in morality, not social or moral judgments about them. It disconnects “ought” from feelings and focuses on logic and historical experience.

As part of this, we oppose diversity because it ends in horrors in the midst of a debilitated civilization. We are not interested in what groups are in the diversity, only the fact of diversity or more than one group in the same society itself, since this has proven fatal in all combinations.

One of the groups that seems to at least understand our trip is VDARE, a group that focuses on the national question:

The VDARE Foundation’s mission is education on two main issues: first, the unsustainability of current US immigration policy and second, the “National Question,” which is the viability of the US as a nation-state.

America is real: America is not a melting pot, or a tossed salad or any other fashionable dietary metaphor that strips our nation of its rightful identity. We founded a country unique to history that has its own philosophies, values, social structure, attitudes, festivals, foods and aesthetic. strives to preserve and celebrate the distinctive culture of America.

Demography is destiny: Human differences are not social constructs. It is only with an honest consideration of race and ethnicity, the foundations of human grouping, that human differences can be explained and their social consequences understood, whether those differences are philosophical, cultural or biological. stands on the side of science in publishing coverage of the ongoing discovery and research in the realm of human differences.

The racial and cultural identity of America is legitimate and defensible: Diversity per se is not strength, but a vulnerability. It is a luxury that we can only afford as long as we preserve our breadwinner, the American people.

To realize that demography is destiny and identity is important is to recognize that society cannot be diverse. VDARE argues that diversity can be tolerated as long as the founding group is in power, a proposition about which our writers are cynical, but is attempting a less extreme view than Amerika.

They do this because they want the lowest-impact solution. White people are inherently tolerant of pluralism; if another group wants to live nearby, we are okay with that so long as that group keeps to itself and leaves us alone. But our wealth attracts them to us and diversity conflict breaks out.

VDARE has been under attack by lawfare, or using legal activity to bankrupt a foe, from the diversity-staffed New York courts. Believing themselves in the absolute moral right like Communists or Nazis, these courts file motion after motion and demand endless production of documents just to drive up costs beyond what VDARE can pay.

To offset this, VDARE has set up donation campaign in the hopes of outlasting the New York diversity courts, so that they can continue to publish anti-diversity messaging. Consider helping them out today.

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