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Be A Better Human

I saw someone wearing a “Be A Better Human” tshirt in Target today. She means well, it seems; these tshirts are the update to the “Life is Good” of the 2000s or “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” from 1988. This encapsulates where we are in Late Stage Democracy: denial and bargaining.

At this point, there are essentially two groups. There are the “system people” who think everything is going great so long as they get hooked into their share, and the people in denial who realize this system is doomed at a subconscious level so fill their conscious minds with appeasement, cucking, “good news,” and happy distractions.

You get those on both sides of the political spectrum by the way. The conservatives who think Russia is going to save us are as delusional as the Leftists who believe that becoming the third world is progress. People are looking for magical answers to save them and this never leads to anything but getting conquered and destroyed.

What we need to realize comes from another area: we do not need to “be better humans”; we need to be more realistic ones. “Better” will always translate, through others, into deference to them and their needs. They like whoever provides them with a concierge experience.

This hits the bourgeois tripartite: someone else takes care of the problems, someone else cleans up, and the individual needs to focus on nothing but his own personal wealth, status, and power. He also wants to hide this fact so others chase false goals and are less likely to compete with him, while he manipulates them with public altruism/empathy.

The above shows you why egalitarian movements arise, and why formerly thriving capitalist states adopt socialism. Over time it becomes easier to manipulate others than to crusade for vitally important issues for our mutual survival that most people do not understand or care about.

Over time, all human groups invert. They replace their goals in reality, which must be “transcendent” or beauty-driven in an eternal context in order to be really good, with a series of false goals based in methodology. Instead of busting criminals, you worry about whether the cops are too brutal, and so on.

This is not to say that Leftist concerns are all nonsense. No one wants unnecessary police brutality. However, it is always more important to put the criminals away so that they do not victimize the good. You have to balance the two; for most people this is paradoxical, but balancing, degree, and proportion are part of leadership.

At the end of the day, humans either have transcendent goals or they are rationalizing. Most people will accept what is, explain themselves as victims if convenient, and then using that order to justify getting what they want.

In other words, people believe what is convenient for them as individuals. They are oblivious to long-term questions like civilization. The successful societies strive for those things,

Fully developed societies recognize that the biggest threats come from within and are not organized. Permanent agricultural civilization makes living easy and accumulates people with mutation load and mental health problems. Only vigorous natural selection keeps this slow entropy at bay.

This means that for us to be anything like “better,” we must first become vigorously realistic, while recognizing that to all but a small group of leaders, this will be incomprehensible. However the herd will enjoy the benefits of having stability, low cost of living, and sanity which cannot be measured in qualitative terms.

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