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We bind our families together with love. A family is a bigger concept than doing what each of us wants to do; we work together for a common goal. We should also bind our societies together with love, by putting in each one people who are similar but not identical in outlook, values, culture, religion and heritage.

This means a world of many small nations working together, instead of different people crammed into the same state and fighting constantly over values and culture.

Our goal in doing so is to create an ideal toward which we can work, and for which we can reward people. We cannot educate, propagandize and threaten people to do the right thing. We need to make sure the good people succeed, and stop people who are thieves, perverts, cowards and liars from succeeding. To do that, we need unity of ideal.

We call our party “us” because whoever you are, there are others who share much of what makes you who you are. They are your “us,” your people. Among them, you will find that others are working toward the things you find important. This makes a family out of a society.

Us also includes the land on which we live. When each group has a land to which they belong, they become the caretakers of that land and pass it on to their children. Us includes future generations we cannot even imagine.

Modern times have brought us the idea of a bureaucratic state that keeps us all in line with economics, politics and force. We are seeing how this force creates an equal and opposite reaction which makes the society decay slowly but inevitably. Us takes a different approach: put people in the right place, and they will naturally do what is right.

We are tired of ecocide, corruption, the success of thieves, and the dominance of the lowest common denominator — disorder and selfishness — when we could be doing so much better. With our intelligence, we should be exploring the stars and inventing new greatness. Instead, we’re fighting each other.

Try a new way: try us. Whoever you are, find others like you and form an Us of your own. Let’s work together to end the problems of our world and move on to a better era.

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