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Unequal Justice

In his most recent missive, Osiris Akkebala laid out one of the problems inherent to diversity:

[A]ll things are not equal and equality is an illusion defined to be desirable by white folks with white folks and not Black folks.

It’s a flawed society that creates its laws for the sake of those citizens who are the descendants of those creating the Laws, but in a society where there are people who are different in genetic build-up…

There is no justice in condemning and racistly judging and sentencing Black people for committing a crime that white folks created to be a crime…

I without fear or hesitation demand from America what America owes to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors so that we can get the hell out of America and take our Black Ass back to Afrika where we will be in the position to create and enact Laws that will complement our Blackness and not punish us for being of the Design Nature designed us to be…

He makes a powerful point. Every group acts in its own self-interest alone. We might call that the Ironclad Rule. If that group designs a society, it will be to enforce the behavioral norms of that group.

If it brings in other groups, it either must abandon its own standards and be assimilated by those groups, or enforce its own standards and attempt to assimilate them. Either way, a group is getting destroyed.

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