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Understanding the Pathology of Mass Media

We should all take greater heed and cognizance of just how special, wonderful and important (((Stuart Rothenberg))) truly is. He is a Senior Editor at Inside Elections, which claims to be a non-partisan journal. On that basis, he just anointed himself the go-to guy on the sociology of Trump-voting states beyond the civilized Pale of The Hahvad Yaad.

Just the other day President Donald Trump gave a stem-winder in West Virginia. This required Stuart Rothenberg to pipe up and offer us the unsolicited gift of his coruscating brilliance. He offers us his finest introspection below.

Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.

The delusions held by the various dwellers in the concentric circles of petty cultural snobbery amaze me. Ask a Don at Oxford University and the English slung by Stuart Rothenberg would be no more legitimately noble than the bastard son of a tanner’s daughter in 1065 AD. Good-natured interlocutors rushed to Stuart’s aid on Twitter to help him develop a more broad and diverse cultural outlook. Even given the generous and bountiful feedback of concerned individuals, Rothenberg then doubled down.

Of course they are hard-working. They mean well. Just close-minded, provincial, angry & easily misled. My wife’s dad was a coal miner in PA.

But then again, Stuart Rothenberg has a tendency to lack a certain perspicacity. His orders to the electorate prior to Election 2016 were as follows.

The trajectory of the 2016 presidential race — which will result in a Hillary Clinton victory — remains largely unchanged from May, when Donald Trump and Clinton were in the process of wrapping up their nominations. But what has changed recently is Clinton’s likely winning margin. For many weeks, even months, I have believed that Clinton would defeat Trump by three to six points. If anything, that range now looks a bit low, with the Democratic nominee apparently headed for a more convincing victory, quite possibly in the four-to-eight-point range.

In reality Americans and probably most other fairly intelligent primates don’t give any serious credence to what Stuart Rothenberg has to say about much of anything. However, his mindset is informative. It gives us a look at how the Left thinks. It shows us just how Cold War they still are in their thinking. The enemy is those people and The Proggies bask in their own hermetically sealed we-ness. It appalls me as to how small-minded the man becomes. He literally sees anyone not voting his set of preferences as a servant of Mordor. By extension, this makes a state like West Virginia, where every major governmental body is at least nominally controlled by people who disagree with St. Stuart, The Land of Mordor and Home to The Lidless Eye.

Now nobody reading this man’s twitter feed considers him “non-partisan.” 26 states that have voted Rothenberg’s beloved Pod-People Democrats out of the Governor’s Mansion and into the minority in all legislatures don’t consider Stuart non-partisan. To be non-partisan, he’d have to be diverse and want everyone on The Treblinka Train. The man is a suppurating venereal sore leaking hate-pus. The hatred predictably blinds him and renders him capable of only short-term, small-minded reactivity. Nobody will learn anything intelligent reading Stuart Rothenberg.

Again, Stuart personally isn’t the problem. The invective, pervasive and brain-sucking mindset is the problem. It renders otherwise intelligent and useful people into zombies vomiting intellectual filth. Nobody like Stuart will accomplish anything useful – ever! The virus then copies itself and nobody infected does anything or has any legitimate potential. It’s like their IQ points are getting sucked right out of their ears.

This is why Stuart Rothenberg and his ilk must be humiliated when they stick their ferret-faces too high above their SJW/SWPL burrows. Nuking people like him through ridicule and humiliation inoculates the population at large from the virus of his useless, impotent snobbery. Today, Amerika. Nuke these parasites.

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