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Understanding the Leftist Mentality

A century ago, most normal people saw Leftists as Utopians: people who wanted to ignore some of the tendencies of nature that exhibit themselves in humanity in order to construct an order better than nature, sort of like a religious compound based on humans instead of gods.

Conservatives have never understood the tendencies the Left denies. They talk a good game about “individualism,” but really what Leftism suppresses is the drive for opportunity, significance, and a chance to rise above the rest.

We are like fish in a stream. Whichever fish make it to the ocean first get the best food and best chance at reproduction. All of us like to strive to be better than something else, whether another person or our previous performance.

The sane among us will admit the plain truth that there are good people, bad people, and grey people in the middle who may simply be soulless drones or just confused. The good people are essential; if everyone else dies, civilization can continue onward nonetheless.

On the flip side, if the bad people die, civilization gets a great boost as it loses the parasite load of the damage these waste humans do. Some are simply mentally disordered, some criminal, and some sociopaths. They all leave trails of collateral damage which “tax” the rest of the society.

The fundamental idea of Leftism is to provide a way for people to get ahead that does not rely on nature. Instead of producing, they can simply advance within the human herd, and instead of self-discipline, they can externalize their behavior through socializing.

This resembles the case of the student who, knowing he was mediocre at his studies, simply befriended teachers and good students in order to fake his way through. Why achieve, when you can use the system against itself for your personal gain?

In order to do this you have to camouflage what you are doing behind promises of Utopian things like peace, an end to poverty, brotherly love, and profound states of mind. Leftists deflect from individualism — the core of their philosophy, a type of narcissism — to big dreams that conceal their actual intentions.

By necessity, a core part of Leftism then becomes directing others toward false goals, and using trends to advance Leftism, even though the core, a drive toward Equality-Utopia, never changes. Everything they say is a misdirect for what they really want, which is a society run by individualists.

Individualism — “me first before anyone or anything else” — is a kissing cousin to sociopathy, related closely to narcissism, identical to selfishness and egotism, and usually a form of ironism, or rejection of reality in order to have a more attention-getting unrealistic view that seduces others.

They justify this with their Utopia dream, but each imagines that in this future society he will be the one holding the machine gun and not the one kneeling at the wall. Leftists desire a world in which everyone else is powerless, nature is conquered, and they can do what they want without consequences.

Like the eternal bourgeois dream of subsidized anarchy, this Leftist vision necessarily denies the scarcity inherent in nature, especially of human effort. Humans work when it will produce something of value to them.

When the outcome of their actions does not relate to the quality of their effort, they become infantilized like children in an abusive family. The tyrant father both provides for them but also controls them, so they “resist” by dragging their feet, throwing tantrums, and putting in half effort.

Whether a society under Communism, a worker in a job from which they cannot be fired, or a family member who knows that no matter how abusive they get their children and spouse have to put up with them, these people stop trying to produce good outcomes and focus on manipulating the system.

In this way, as early society formalizes, it creates a dark organization where people feel dominated by the system and therefore, rebel against it while obeying it to the letter, with their sense of victimhood from its control justifying their actions against it.

No clearer example of this can be found than in graffiti. Sure, we will live in your ugly cities and go to your boring jobs, but we will spray our egotags all over the dump until it looks like the rejected notes of a schizophrenic on acid watching C-SPAN.

Not surprisingly, this duality of character — both coddled and oppressed — produces domesticated, infantilized, oversocialized, atomized, selfish, and destructive brats who promptly vandalize everything they can so that their trail of collateral damage is a monument to their importance.

Recent research points to the possibility that this duality manifests in bad mental health because of its inherent paradox, making people unbalanced:

Haidt and Lukianoff argued that many prescriptions of woke ideology are the exact opposite of what cognitive behavioural therapy recommends for patients with anxiety or depression.

For example, CBT advises patients to avoid catastrophising and emotional reasoning, while encouraging them to ‘face their fears’. By contrast, woke ideology tells young people (especially young women) they should always trust their feelings, even innocuous things like words can harm them, and the best way to deal with sources of anxiety is to avoid them completely.

One might add: telling young people that they may have been born in the ‘wrong body’, or that the world is about to end because of catastrophic climate change, can’t be good for their mental health either.

The damage is more deeply rooted than this, however. Leftism is inherently paradoxical: it preaches progress by denying reality, Utopia by changing humanity, and yet there is a logic to the way we are and the way things were.

Conjectural messianic ideologies of this nature create cognitive dissonance. They prescribe one symbolic ideal, but when conflict with reality occurs, it becomes unstable, which makes Leftism like other conjectural messianic ideologies need to control thought in order to survive.

From that come the speech codes, which work by prohibiting discussion of anything that leads to non-Leftist thoughts, causing people to then choose from what is left and end up unintentionally promoting Leftism despite its repeated failures.

Stress comes from being unsure how to succeed in a situation such that one gets to a stable place where the individual has enough power to be significant, relevant, and good in the eyes of their peers. Leftism induces stress by preaching strategies that are self-destructive.

It does this because Leftism seeks to replace organic society, or the culture, hierarchy, ethnicity, faith, and wisdom that spring up as a society establishes itself. It wants to smash anything so that only the individual remains, and then bond them into collectives to enforce its power over reality.

We might view it as simply narcissism, or a pathology need for power, but it comes from instability. Leftists do not feel comfortable in the reality of nature or culture; they want rules that will obliterate any challenges to their individualism, self-esteem, and pursuit of desires.

They experience duality because what they preach makes no sense so while they tell it to others, they do the opposite when their personal lives are involved, as in the case of pluralism which is “good for thee, not for me”:

Across the country, a lot of good white liberals, people who purchase copies of White Fragility and decry the U.S. Supreme Court for ending affirmative action, sleep every night in exclusive suburbs that socially engineer economic (and thereby racial) segregation by government edict.

Given a chance, your average Leftist will tell you to do a bunch of crazy stuff like drive an expensive electric car, live in a tiny city cube apartment, eat the vegan and bug menu, hang out with other races who hate you, and read gibberish while they do the opposite in the suburbs.

We might see Leftism thus as a “crab bucket” strategy: the goal is to push everyone else down so that you can seize what you actually want, which is suspiciously like a sad emulation of what the aristocrats created centuries ago.

No place is more individualistic than the third world. In the third world, people think only of themselves and their desires, which means that institutions are dysfunctional and parasitic. Every person gets ahead simply by pushing others aside and taking what they want.

Third world individualism has been long known but suppressed by American conservatives who want to be anarchist Christian libertarian patriots instead of conservatives, and wanted individualism as their tagline as a result. However, antique study shows us the individualism of third world peoples:

The ruling trait of all savages is a greedy and consuming selfishness, and in our Noble Red Man it is found in its amplest development. His heart is a cesspool of falsehood, of treachery, and of low and devilish instincts. With him, gratitude is an unknown emotion; and when one does him a kindness, it is safest to keep the face toward him, lest the reward be an arrow in the back. To accept of a favor from him is to assume a debt which you can never repay to his satisfaction, though you bankrupt yourself trying. To give him a dinner when he is starving, is to precipitate the whole hungry tribe upon your hospitality, for he will go straight and fetch them, men, women, children, and dogs, and these they will huddle patiently around your door, or flatten their noses against your window, day aft er day, gazing beseechingly upon every mouthful you take, and unconsciously swallowing when you swallow!

In this way we can see that Leftism ultimately is a degenerative instinct: a desire to return to the subsistence living of primitive humanity that we see today in the third world, and California. It rejects civilization and wants subsidy and anarchy with no function to get in the way.

On the other hand, conservatism says that we should keep the good but throw out the bad, which is how you become a first world civilization. Every generation gets smarter, wiser, stronger, and more disciplined, and as a result you can have functional shared institutions.

We can see how liberalism and conservatism play out because over time societies become liberal, which destroys their smartest people by making them irrelevant and taking all their wealth, at which point those stop reproducing and you end up with a lower average IQ civilization:

We analysed 127 Ancient Roman genomes with a view to understanding the possible reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. Taking the polygenic score for educational attainment (EA4) as a proxy for intelligence, we find that intelligence increased from the Neolithic Era (Z= -0.77) to the Iron Age (Z= 0.86), declines after the Republic Period and during the Imperial Period (Z= -0.27) and increases in Late Antiquity (Z= 0.25) and is approximately at the same level today (Z= 0.08). We show that this is congruent with a cyclical model of civilization based around intelligence, with the documented history of Rome, and also with patterns of immigration into Rome.

In other words, as soon as you get a fixed civilization with bureaucracy and democracy, the smart start dying off. Add in a little socialism, and those find themselves fish out of water, so they quit reproducing and let the insane, stupid, and criminal take over.

The population crash that results delights the people with thin intelligences who are smart enough to make money, but not wise enough to think of the future. All they see are more people to sell stuff to, and in classic bourgeois fashion, they assume society will continue unchanging as it was when they were young.

As the mob gathers its strength, it begins to demand ruthless censorship against anyone who will interrupt its ongoing party and point out that in the morning, reality comes:

65% of Americans support tech companies moderating false information online and 55% support the U.S. government taking these steps. These shares have increased since 2018.

Americans are even more supportive of tech companies (71%) and the U.S. government (60%) restricting extremely violent content online.

Democrats are more supportive than Republicans of tech companies and the U.S. government restricting extremely violent content and false information online. The partisan gap in support for restricting false information has grown substantially since 2018.

This is what we might expect: Leftists want to defend the current system the most, but everyone else is just hoping to make the problem go away by swatting it down and prohibiting it so the Roman Holiday can continue until the end, expecting to be dead before that point.

They view any mention of reality as subversive because their system is antirealistic, since it is based on the ironism of assuming that symbols and peer pressure are more important than natural reality or the logical course of history.

If we have any salvation, it might come through giving legal rights to intangibles like nature, culture, heritage/race, history including continuity with origins, and the identity of a nation, much as some have argued we should give those rights to nature:

The LEBOR amended Toledo’s municipal charter to recognize rights for Lake Erie (including legal standing) and empowered the city and its residents to sue on behalf of the lake. Proponents argued the legislation was necessary because the state had consistently failed to protect Lake Erie from pollution, leaving the city’s water supply vulnerable to contamination.

Human history repeats again and again because we do not learn. A human group left alone will tend toward self-destruction and it does this through individualism; making rules to try to limit this does not work, but providing incentives (including the above legal ones) might.

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