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UK poor feel politicians are anti-white, pro-immigrant

A study of attitudes to immigration published today has found a widespread sense of resentment, unfairness and disempowerment among white working-class communities in England.

The report found that some members of the white working-class feel ‘betrayed’ and believed politicians had washed their hands of them.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears acknowledged that some white working-class people living on estates felt that no-one was speaking up for them, and called for greater efforts to listen and respond to their concerns.

Ms Blears warned that white people’s concerns about the effects of immigration should not simply be branded ‘racist’, as this would simply alienate them even more.

People taking part in the focus groups said that when white people complained, they were told that the system was fair and their concerns were racist.

The Daily Mail

The poor alone are no longer the most pitied group.

The most pitied group is a symbol useful for manipulating people. “Well, I’m less self-centered than you… I didn’t just give to charity, I gave to gay Eskimo charity.”

Of course, this sets up a situation where white people are disadvantaged, and this makes them detest their government. Yet one of many faults of multiculturalism.

I think we should acknowledge that the end goal of multiculturalism is to breed everyone together and produce a uniform brown race, in order to eliminate racial conflict. It’s like “peace at all costs”: destroy the uniqueness of every place because in some places, racial conflict exists.

This typically neurotic thinking comes from our overfed and underchallenging modern time, where moving paper around generates money and impressing idiots makes you a celebrity.

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