Furthest Right


Anti-Modern thought is any thought that opposes the underpinnings of modernity on a psychological and philosophical level. We know too well how people play loose and fast with labels, for example, claiming that “post-modernism” isn’t a form of modernism. We are people who have seen the consequences of modernity, and realize that modernism is a thought process, psychology and philosophy. It is not our technology. It is not our governments, corporations or religions. It is an assumption and we who see its damage, oppose it.

We reject the core attribute of modernism which is the idea of universalism. Under universalism, all people are the same with the same motivations in response to material conditions. They are “equal” like cogs in a machine, electrical impulses in a circuit, units of money or products of an assembly line. This notion is inseparable from the idea of equality itself.

Instead we suggest:

  • Pan-Nationalism. Ethnic self-determination and self-rule for all ethnic groups or ethnic mixtures. The ability to retain culture, values, language and heritage/genetics by keeping all other groups is essential, as it is the only way we avoid racism, or racial rankings correlated to socioeconomic and political fortunes.
  • Hierarchy. We are not equal in ability and it’s a foul but polite lie to say that it is true. What we need instead is a hierarchy that places the smartest and most honorable people, who are those most likely to make good decisions, in leadership positions. We need to make sure that those who are not ready to make decisions do not have a vote.
  • Reverence. Instead of thinking of ourselves as the primary item of importance in the universe, we should reverse the equation, and revere the natural world, the cosmic order, and the fact of life itself, and as a consequence, treat these things and their instances as sacred objects.
  • Goals. Our goal in the modern time is to satisfy ourselves and make ourselves happy. Several centuries on, people aren’t happier — in fact, they seem miserable and neurotic. However, they have conditioned themselves to believe that they are “free” and therefore should be happy, which makes the problem worse. The only solution is a real goal, based on consensus in values, culture, language and heritage, that each local area strives for.
  • Individualism. Modern individualism perverts itself into meaning the personality choosing to do whatever it wants whenever it wants, without considering consequences. Old-school individualism means finding a way to do what is rational on your own terms, without being beholden to anyone, least of all the “image makers” in Hollywood who get you addicted to a false vision of individualism.
  • Conservationism. Unlike “environmentalism,” which is a modern substitute designed to sell you guilt and green products while not addressing the problem, conservationism has a simple response to our environmental crisis: set aside most land on earth, untouched, for non-human use only. This controls our population, preserves breeding and activity grounds for animals, and leaves plenty of space to replenish fish, air, water and nutrient stocks.
  • A simple rule. This is true for all societies, in any age: Reward the good, and remove the bad so they cannot damage the good. If you do this, your people end up being smarter, nicer, better and healthier. If you don’t do this, your society gets overrun by criminals, parasites, perverts, liars and seducers — even if, as in our current society, they know to be “passive aggressive” and use guilt and psychology to lead you astray, instead of taking from you directly.
  • Realism. The human mind is judging and emotional and even worse, is based in an individual perspective which measures the effects of larger phenomena on the individual, and forgets the origins and consequences of those phenomena outside the individual. As Plato and various Zen masters have pointed out to us, we live in a false reality composed of human minds, connected socially, choosing what to believe about reality — instead of paying attention to reality itself.

If the 2-5% of our civilization who are leaders, doers, community stalwarts and pragmatists are able to agree on these abstract ideas, we can do what is necessary, which is seize power and disenfranchise the delusional masses. Only then do we begin solving the long-term problems of our society that don’t seem to go away, like ecocide, rampant crime, corruption, existential misery and pointless wars.

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