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Typical Crowdist mentality

A 23-year-old visitor from the East Coast had just gotten money from an ATM when he told his friend on a cell phone that he had a bad feeling about two men approaching him at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland.

His worst fears were realized when one suspect, Victor Veliz, 18, held a folding knife with a 5-inch blade to his neck and the other, Christopher Gonzalez, 18, threatened to shoot him Thursday night, authorities said.

In a blind panic, he lashed out at his attackers, grabbing the knife from one of them. Without realizing it, authorities say, the man stabbed Gonzalez in the chest.

Gonzalez’s father, Javier Gonzalez, sobbed at the loss of his son, who worked with him in his roofing business and at Oakland Raiders games.

“I’m angry at both of them,” he said of the robbery victim and Veliz. “They took my son away from me. He was a hard-working kid. My son is dead. I want somebody to pay for this.”


The entitlement mentality is this:

Because I’m human, the world owes me something. I have consciousness, therefore, I should be expected to survive because I value this consciousness.

It’s an artifact of our monkey intelligence which makes it difficult for us to place ourselves in context. And most people just don’t want to — it’s inconvenient.

The entitlement mentality causes people to think the world should support them, even if they do nothing toward that direction.

It also makes them think that their human-ness trumps their behavior that gets them cut out of the gene pool.

The people voting for Obama and Clinton, supporting social welfare programs, agitating for pacifism and claiming that pride in one’s ancestors is hate — they are all from the group of entitlement-prone morons.

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