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Our laws are based on unrealistic assumptions

Megge gives presentations across the state explaining the idea that faster roads can often be safer. If a speed limit is set too low, he explained, some people will still drive fast while others will obey. Drivers going a wide variety of speeds is dangerous, he said.

“The majority of people think slower is safer,” Megge said. “In reality, that’s not the case.”

Megge said most drivers tend to go a speed they view as safe, regardless of the speed limit.

“In every case, the speed limit sign does next to nothing to change the way people drive,” he said.

Megge said if the speed limit is set correctly — based on how fast people actually drive on the road — drivers tend to go similar speeds, which is safer.

Grand Haven Tribune

Again, we discover this painful principle:

Although we like to think of ourselves as God-like individualists, for civilization to work we need to be pulling in roughly the same direction.

Individualists think they can allow everyone to do whatever they want, and then just punish dissenters, but the problem with that is that everyone doing what they want makes society dysfunctional.

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