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TrumpTown Hacked And Gab Censored By Local ISPs

As social media attempts to break beyond the model of one big conformist platform for everyone in which bad speech is removed, a series of new niche alternatives have arisen, including open discussion sites which do not censor certain ranges of opinions, like conservative thought.

One new option, Trump Town, recently found itself the target of Leftist sabotage:

When we set out to build a team to develop this platform, we worked hard to vet conservative, pro-Trump developers — but, unfortunately, one left-leaning communist slipped through. Posing as a Republican, he helped build our platform up in the past several months, only to remove our front-line security and compromise the site yesterday.

This was done out of spite of our success as an alternative to leftist social media platforms. We have blacklisted him from our platform, purged his IP address from our database, and are installing top-notch security APIs to prevent this from ever happening again.

In addition, we will be reviewing our vetting procedures to ensure quality hires — a culture war is among us and we are fighting a much needed fight.

In the meantime, Gab support reports that certain ISPs are blocking access to Gab, resulting in random errors. It seems that those who are already benefiting from the field do not want new entrants after all.

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