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Trump Goes The Wrong Way On Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism means “more than one ethnic group living in the same nation.” This is indistinguishable from what the French Revolutionaries wanted, which was “internationalism,” or an abolishment of borders so that the underclasses of the world could unite without the complexity of national identity.

In order to slowly reverse the disastrous changes of the Left, Donald Trump has embraced Internationalism Version A instead of Internationalism Version B, by promoting multiculturalism based on assimilation to the majority culture.

In a speech on foreign policy and radical Islam delivered Monday in Youngstown, Ohio, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that new immigrants would be expected to assimilate to American culture — not the other way around.

Trump described a vision of inclusion different from that of the multiculturalism of the left, which has left the intolerance that many immigrants bring with them — particularly from the Islamic world — intact.

Trump has taken a sensible course, which is to reverse internationalism to its earlier form and, in doing so, to re-introduce questions about its viability. The early form of internationalism requires immigrants to come here in a subordinate position and to prostrate themselves before the host culture, essentially begging for inclusion on its terms and not their own.

Naturally this will fail just like Version B has done, because it steals from people what they need most: their pride and sense of well-being through the notion that people like them are in control, succeeding and making a society for others like them. But that is some time off. For now, Trump is demanding an end to pluralism, but he is doing so indirectly, by asserting a majority culture — even if that culture does not exist, because the adulteration caused by multiculturalism will destroy it.

The most sensible approach is to simply admit that diversity of any form does not work, but that offends the pretense of the majority of people, who are essentially creatures of habit without reflection. This leaves them with only one mode of “thought,” which is to be offended when a sacred cow is slaughtered, and the diversity sacred cow is actually camouflage for the equality sacred cow, which allows individuals to demand inclusion in the benefits of civilization without having to be responsible for contributing to it.

As this venal modern age dies in gasping exhaustion, the distractions and illusions will die slowly as people cling to them stubbornly out of nothing but fear. They do not understand the world beyond these illusions, so their inner monkey panics and demands the broken illusion over reality instead of taking what to them is an unfathomable risk. But, as these illusions die, they will be dispossessed of their sense of security entirely, and forced to look toward alternatives.

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