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Transterrorism Visits the USA

School shootings, widely misunderstood, would be better perceived as events like suicide bombings or family annihilations. Someone has decided that life is not worth living, but does not want to go down alone, instead dying bravely for a cause in the face of great adversity for the obituary.

How do we stop school shootings? The main factor is deterrence: have armed people at the school who can blow away any attackers. This means that schools lose their main appeal for mass shooters, namely that they are “soft targets” with large numbers of innocent, headline-grabbing victims.

Our most recent shooting appears to be the work of a transterrorist:

The shooter who stormed a private Christian elementary school in Nashville on Monday, killing three students and three staffers, was identified as a 28-year-old white transgender woman named Audrey Hale who once attended the school, authorities said.

Our position here is roots conservatism, which says that what is most important is defining and rewarding the good, with a secondary concern for punishing the bad, and a dedication to leaving everyone else alone.

For this reason, many of us have always had an “all who may do my rhyme” attitude toward sexuality. If you are acting toward the good, your personal choices do not influence that as long as they stay private, which others are required to respect as well.

In other words, we do not think about transsexuals. We see Drag Queen Story Hour as Communist propaganda using transsexualism and homosexuality to assault heterosexual family-centric living, but we do not see homosexuality and transsexualism as inherently assaulting those things.

Our ideal world would feature less public display of sexual or romantic affection generally. We believe in courtship and keeping what is private in the realm of the home. This means no pogroms against gays, but also no LGBT pride parades. The sexual remains mystified and veiled.

A diverse society however weaponizes its different groups against each other. Pluralism replaces one culture with many and in the process, both abolishes culture and creates a vacuum, causing every group — racial, sexual, ethnic, religious, special interest — to compete for dominance.

As a consequence of this, we can expect that every group will get militant and blame other groups for its problems and for not allowing it to dominate, producing the impulse behind events such as A Trans Day of Vengeance:

Under a bill currently being considered in the Texas legislature, if I gave a speech at a protest in Houston, Texas – the fourth-largest city in the U.S. – I could be sued by anyone for “performing drag” in a place where a minor might see. This measure is based on a similar law enacted last year to encourage bounty hunting of anyone suspected of having or helping someone get an abortion.

A growing number of political activists, workers, and struggling communities understand the danger represented by these measures aimed at the trans community, and other LGBTQ+ people. Many more, however, have not yet understood how far-reaching they are or how they threaten everyone if allowed to advance without fierce, united resistance.

“The right-wing fascists have unleashed a misinformation campaign upon our community by creating narratives that we are a danger to society. They like to say that we are sexual predators and violent radicals, when, in fact, the only thing that’s dangerous about us is the fact that we are a threat to the binary systems that uphold the patriarchal, white-supremacist and capitalist power structure,” Fors said.

When diversity weaponizes different groups, you can expect war for dominance disguised as everyday crime. This will eventually “go hot” as groups counteract the attempts to gain power by other groups, and soon you have all-out war.

It is too soon to tell if this influenced Audrey Hale, but like the Kenosha Massacre and other clashes between diversity groups, this one feels like a suicide motivated to take up an ideological banner as a means of going out big.

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