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Open Race War is Upon You

New civilizations struggle against ignorance of the world; established civilizations struggle against denial. At this point, problems have piled up in the industrial world to form an aggregate that is too big to ignore: corruption, pollution, refugees, infrastructure, and innovation collapse.

Sadly for us, the West fell long ago, probably in the aftermath of WW1. That war, brought about as a delayed response to the Napoleonic Wars and how they re-arranged Europe into fragile alliances, revealed to us that our system was failing but we were precedent-bound to change nothing substantive.

After the troops got home from “the war to end all wars,” the mood darkened. Nothing had really changed except the death of the best of a generation. In response to rising socialism, the West adopted mixed economic systems and this initiated a fragile economy.

Eventually that detonated into the Great Depression as the economy stalled at the same time speculators ran wild, trying to generate enough income to stay above the double hit of inflation and tax costs. In response, government offered more free stuff and higher taxes.

This created a moribund economy which demanded the return of world war in order to mobilize a population that was otherwise committed to nothing. Their money was not theirs, therefore their time (“Time is money” – Karl Marx) was not theirs, and so people gave up.

In this way, we followed the French revolution playbook:

  1. Identify a scapegoat. This person or thing must be responsible for all ills and removing it must bring Utopia.
  2. Abolish organic notions like culture, standards, hierarchy, values, aesthetics, and genetics. Replace them with managerial-administrative bureaucracy.
  3. Equality replaces all goals. Since one cannot lift up the weak, instead we penalize the strong and transfer that wealth to the weak in subsidies.
  4. Crash the economy because taking money from the productive makes them frustrated and they cool their heels doing busywork and avoiding going the extra mile.
  5. Unite the population against a new scapegoat, combining Revolution and world war in order to militarize and thus mobilize the demoralized and disspirited population.

Since that time, this same cycle has repeated again and again. The scapegoat needs to be someone with more than we have, and the solution is to take their stuff and redistribute it. Today it is the ultra-rich, yesterday it was the Whites, and tomorrow it may be heterosexuals or Christians.

All past scapegoats become wound up in the ball of twine that is our continuing grudge against the world. To argue that equality is good, we must portray ourselves as victims, therefore we invent victimizers whenever we find someone with stuff we want to take.

This situation reminds me of the case of the robbers who pulled off a huge train heist. They agreed to split the loot and lie low for a few years. When they met again after that time, it turned out that the guys holding the loot had spent it on the process of laying low, and there was nothing left.

The West spent the loot on avoiding the problems it says it fears, and ends up in the Napoleonic Cycle where Revolutions dethrone the useful leaders, replace them with flatterers, bankrupt the country, and then march off to war in order to keep their economies functional.

Right now the conversation we are having on the Right essentially involves what we know, how we know it, and what we want to achieve.

This conversation came about for the simple reason that the Hitler-or-anti-Hitler dichotomy of the postwar years erased conservatism. We needed to talk about race, social class, ethnicity, culture, and religion. The 1960s revolts forbade this. What is left? Christianity and libertarianism.

If this Right has an unstated goal, it is resurrection of the West. We recognize on some level that it fell a century ago and since that time, conservatives have focused on personal survival, thriving, and retirement funds as a way to escape the constant grift.

However, that time has come to an end. The West is broke and spending money it can never generate except through a world war. Its infrastructure is rotted. Diversity has destroyed its culture, institutions, and general competence. The pipe at the bottom of the toilet bowl beckons.

We on the Right are trying to decide to undertake the terrifying task of rebuilding. To do this means changing direction, and nothing scares people more than changing their thinking. Most suffer a great deal of doubt in this area.

Our primary resource is our genetics, that is, ethnic Western European Nordid-Cromagnid people. That is why the most recent attempts from our Leftist overlords and their allies in the third world have involved destroying us with diversity.

They want to wreck our culture, true, and they want to displace us with the third world vote, true, but their ultimate goal is genocide by outbreeding. They want no one who is actually White, so that the hwites (Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europeans) and diversity take over.

When we are all one shade of tan, they reason, they will finally be safe from Us. They fear the original strain of European humanity because it alone seems to be able to see through the subterfuge and opt for something better. That will upset their plans, so they need to exterminate us.

Their final solution involves breaking our spirit so that we outbreed, taxing us to death so that we do not have enough children, and excluding us from all of the good jobs so that we are poor. They want to shatter us on a cross of guilt and then take over.

As a devotee of benevolent xenophobia, I can expect nothing less from any foreign group. They want to conquer, and if they cannot do it by strength of arms, they will subvert us from within.

We are an easy target because we are complex. We have more than the singular goal of conquest in our minds; we are busy building things. They slip in the back door unnoticed while we are constructing better futures, and hiding in the dark, plan to destroy those and seize what we have.

This will of course backfire on them. The morons are marching toward suicide because they will seize something that they cannot wield, in the process eliminating those who could make use of it. All of humanity will settle into equal poverty and mediocrity.

Eventually what is left of the species will degrade further. Without Western help, their populations will reduce through disease. They will abandon knowledge and technology, and instead live in a state of subsistence hunter-gathering that will eventually become universal.

At that point, our species will continue to accumulate mutations and dysfunctions until we revert to the previous step in the chain of evolution. Hominids will again walk the Earth, dark and hairy, with low intelligence and primitive morality of theft, murder, and sacrifice.

However, by definition, the present parties cannot know this; they lack the competence. We have it and they fear it, so they must destroy us. The quest to restore the West is more than a desire for functional civilization; it is the only way we as a people will survive.

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