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To get famous in an egalitarian society, one needs to be “edgy” and provocative, but not so much that these statements undermine the dominant paradigm. Just enough controversy brings in the passive audience looking for a new savior or scapegoat, and then the money train begins rolling.

This creates a situation where the audience defines “truth,” and then what is seen as true quickly overwhelms everything else, resulting in a situation where anything outside of edgy but conformist material is quickly discarded and ignored.

Like — for too many — this website, as an example. Advocating Platonic traditional conservatism fits us within the longest-standing practices of the West, yet the thirst of the audience for easy answers that can be done from an armchair precludes their interest.

Back in the 1960s, American conservatives decided that in order to get along with the rising postwar order which gained strength in the 1960s when the WW1 generation retired, they would cease talking about genetics, mainly race and class.

In this way we got a Galileo-cum-Scopes situation where the group that should embrace history and genetics went into denial of it, opening the door for a Leftist takeover. If we are all equal as conservatives then affirmed, there is no need for conservatism at all.

Our conservatives back then neglected to notice that they had just made themselves obsolete. There was too much money to be made, squeezing donations from the fearful and the church-attending. This pattern continued with only a few interruptions like Reagan and Trump, who were by any sane calculus moderates.

Your Reagan-Trump candidate does not focus on genetics except as a practical issue. Their concern is a functional civilization: economy, defense, institutions, and having some spirit to unify it that includes everyone and our history, hence some mishmash of Christianity and American exceptionalism.

By the wider judgment of history, Trump and Reagan are barely conservative. They do not address culture, sexual behavior, or Western Civilization — our point of origin and future — except incidentally. This means that everyone else on the public Right is not a moderate, but a Left-leaning conservative.

We can call them “transconservatives.” A transsexualism “identifies” with the other sex, therefore begins acting like it, and eventually applies drugs and surgeries to form a plausible imitation of it. Public conservatives do the same.

They are essentially Leftists. They believe in DIEDS — diversity, individualism, equality, democracy, and socialism/entitlements — and on top of that, they graft pro forma conservatism which assumes that Christianity is our culture, defense and market economics are good, and little else.

Like many on the actual far Right, people like me are not much concerned with transsexuals. We figure it applies to a tiny group and that it is trendy right now because it gives people victim status above minorities, free medical care, and a chance to draw attention to themselves.

Our solution to transsexuals is to be more than tolerant. We believe in accepting them as they are, treating them like anyone else, and preserving our freedom of association to go hang out with people like ourselves who endorse tradition and evolutionary success.

But transconservatives? These doom a movement, and conservatism is now a “movement” or mass mobilization of our people through attention raising in order to gain agreement and focus on a few key issues to start the pendulum swinging back toward our side.

The only actual conservatives endorse royalism, social hierarchy, strict ethno-nationalism, zero redistribution of wealth, and a strong culture-based society with as little bureaucracy, red tape, taxation, and other life-killing tedium as possible.

We realize that the only kindness involves allowing some “cruel” things to prosper, like natural selection and innate social hierarchy. We are not interested in the hugbox culture where those who socialize and ideologize best are raised above the rest.

Ironically, the “far Right” are usually transconservatives as well. Where the mainstream are “Christian libertarians,” the far Right are “Christian totalitarians” who emphasize race over ethnicity and want equality instead of social hierarchy. There are no (good) answers there.

This site exists to further the actual Right, per its tagline “Furthest Right,” instead of stopping at one of these failure-bound transconservative viewpoints. That ensures that we will always be outsiders, but this also keeps us from getting ground under by popular opinion and turned into golems for Leftism.

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