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The first world rose above the rest by being different and acting differently. These two tendencies are linked; without the ability to see the wisdom of a different path, people tend to follow the same paths as others. Being different, the first world — especially Europe — chose a different method of civilization than the rest of the world.

All of that was reversed when, following the Renaissance which proclaimed “man is the measure of all things,” Western Civilization decided to turn itself into a support system for its citizens instead of a cooperative effort toward the goal of that method of civilization that produces not just first-world civilization, but excellence in society, learning, and art.

What the West discovered was what the third world has always done. In the third world, social order is low; this means that individualism is high, because the two are opposites. The third world is essentially a libertarian paradise, with few rules and almost all of those that do exist can be worked around with an application of cold, hard cash.

When it was decided that man was the measure of all things, the West essentially endorsed backdoor individualism, and then weaponized it by producing a collectivized form in which individualists act as a gang to demand the right to be individualistic. That started centuries ago, and by now we are so brainwashed that we think “individualism” and “egalitarianism” are good things.

This means that for the past few centuries at least — and probably more, since to get to a point of being delusional one must have first been unrealistic for some time — the West has been mimicking the method used by the third world, and rejecting the method that the West used to become a great civilization.

Symptoms of thirdworlding include:

  • Matriarchy. When there is no loyalty between men and women, and no social standards that enforce family, casual sex rules the day which means that society becomes matriarchal, or run by women, because as the ones that end up with children they become the substitute for family. Men take a MGTOW approach and bail out on any responsibility, and instead have sex with whichever women are least demanding, which creates a genetic race to the bottom. In addition, men are more likely to engage in homosexual behavior because it is easier than dealing with demands from women.
  • Individualism. In the third world, the individual is king; he spends the least amount of his time obligated toward maintaining or improving anything above the level of his own self, his hovel, and his farm or business. Institutions and social order are neglected and forgotten. Since no one can expect reward for maintaining anything larger than themselves, infrastructure and organization collapse entirely, which makes the individual rely on himself and strongmen warlords who can work around the decaying system through favors and force.
  • Equality. In a normal society, you have a gradient of abilities from low to high. In a society of individualists, very few want to challenge themselves and leave behind their comfort zones, so you get a whole lot of people of similar ability and only a few who rise above. Those few, by the nature of the herd to steal whatever it can, are then selected to be cruel, selfish tyrants who enhance their own power regardless of the cost to others. This produces a tyrant factory.
  • Masses. When there is little social order, there are no experts, because official positions convey an ability to hold on to the position politically instead of by ability, since ability is not recognized or rewarded. As a result, the only possibilities for social action consist of either tyrants ordering people to do things on pain of death or mass mobilization, such as happens in war or natural disasters. For anything else, people just shrug and move on to whatever they wanted to do anyway.
  • Superstition. In a society where people believe only in themselves, religion becomes a way of helping the self, and so it shifts to a mysticism of good luck symbols instead of a concept of the world as an orderly place. Religion and fortune become intertwined, much like how ideology has become religious for many, and televangelists preach a prosperity gospel based in personal relationships — which means relationships by convenience — with a materialistic god.
  • Androgyny. When men and women work similar roles, they become biologically similar as well. Even lower testosterone third world populations exhibit this similarity between men and women which serves to make them compatible with a granular social order where the complementary roles necessary for family are less present. This interchangeability allows the different sexes to adopt whatever role is necessary, since they are essentially entirely on their own because of the declining family unit.
  • Oblivion. The most notable aspect of a third world country for a visitor is how oblivious people are. They do not notice crumbling infrastructure, open sewers, violent criminal enterprises, or social chaos around them; instead, like mice, they are fully fixated on what they desire to consume, and are nervous to immediate threats but profoundly unaware of the conditions that necessarily produce them.

Western decay consists solely of the West importing third world customs, methods, goals, and behaviors. We are eternally attracted by these because they promise a simpler life through lack of obligation. In our view, third world people live charmed lives, spending most of their time enjoying life, resting, and not worrying about things.

In contrast, maintaining a civilization means a lifetime of worry. In egalitarian times it is worse because the competent members of society must babysit the rest and work overtime to subsidize them. The more hellish that our jobs and taxes become, the less we want to spend any effort on upkeep of our society, so we default to the decline and embrace third-world-style individualism.

Luckily for us, with the arrival of the actual third world among us, the charm is fading because we are seeing that the third world lacks so many things that allow us to amplify our personal effectiveness, such as institutions, rule of law, hygiene, stability, high trust, and high IQ.

Our most likely future at this point shows the West turning away from thirdworlding and toward a sense of order instead, which begins with a lack of desire to compromise any strong principles. This more than anything else explains the “fashy” attitudes in the West lately; people crave strong order and want to clear aside anyone who impedes it, without mercy.

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