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120db Campaign Sweeps Europe In Response To Third World Rape Gangs

German women have united against third world immigration with their “120 Decibels” campaign, following the successful MyBordersMyChoice campaign here in the United States and Europe, to oppose what they see as government action causing women across the continent to be victims. The name refers to the sonic intensity of a rape alarm, which many women in Germany now carry.

The group uses a stirring and empathetic message to convey their fear about the unstable, third world style rape-friendly disaster dystopia that the egalitarian Utopia of modern Europe has become:

My name is Mia.

My name is Maria.

My name is Ebba.

I was stabbed in Kandel.

I was raped in Malmö.

I was run over in Stockholm.

We are the daughters of Europe.

We are the memories of the victims.

We are your bad conscience.

And we are haunting you.

120 decibels is the volume of a pocket alarm carried by many European women.

For more information, visit the 120 Decibels campaign web site, the Twitter account, or YouTube Channel. There are also unofficial support groups on Reddit and Voat, with Milo Yiannopoulos supporting the campaign on Instagram.

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