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They Will Just Enforce the Law As They See Fit

From over at Occidental Dissent, the story of Jessica Reavis:

One went ahead to the restaurant to grab us breakfast and the other got their camera ready. I had decided that I would tie my confederate battle flag on the barricades instead of standing in the roadway since the barricades extended out past the curb into the road in a roundabout around the old historical courthouse. Meanwhile several leftist began showing up and yelling from across the road. I then separated from everyone and went to my truck. I then holstered my weapon and grabbed my coffee and started a trek straight to the monument. I had to cross the street where the leftist were standing because the sidewalks were blocked by barricades also. I decided to walk down past them and cross the road hoping they would not mess with me.

I was wearing a serpa 2 duty holster that was weaved into my belt. It has a retention mechanism built in so that if I’m in a fight, I will be able to retain my weapon. I did not holster it till I was going to cross the street for self protection purposes, as I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon that I have had for over 21 years.

I made a beeline straight to the curb. I did not talk to anyone, I did not stand around to be a spectator, nor did I ever unfurl my flag on the way to the curb to cross the road. My flag stayed limp across my left arm and my coffee in my right hand. When I reached the curb, I heard someone say “ma’am….ma’am….” so I turned around to acknowledge them. There were approximately five deputies from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department. They requested me to follow them into the parking lot and I complied. I was very friendly and professional with them. They then told me since I was “at a protest with a firearm” then I was breaking the law and I was under arrest. They told me that carrying a firearm was a privilege.

I was then stripped of my possessions and carded off to jail for six hours. While there, another leftist that was there the Saturday before was brought in and searched by the guard. The guard found a knife on her neck. This is considered as a felony when bringing a weapon into jail. After seeing the magistrate, I was escorted into the lobby where several Antifa members were sitting. They were waiting for the other Antifa member with the knife, who was in jail also. I was released into the street without my possessions and no way to contact anyone even with the Antifa members present. I did not know where I was or even how to get back to my vehicle. It was 6 to 7 miles away. After walking about 3 miles, someone picked me up and took me back to my truck. The police had no regard for my well being whatsoever.

After my arrest, Antifa has been arrested for several other things including assault on a police officer. The faculty staff at the University of North Carolina wrote to the police and the judicial system in Chatham County and demanded that they drop all the charges against their students. All the charges were dropped except two of them. The district attorney admitted on video that he handpicked two from both sides that would take the fall for the group’s as a whole. It looks like I was one of the lottery winners.

People place too much trust in written words, which are basically promises. Laws like all language are interpreted, and the Left will interpret them in whatever way benefits them. The more laws, the more loopholes.

People like Jessica just get caught up in the middle and have their lives destroyed. Like the Capitol protesters, who are having their futures ruined while they rot in jail, she is collateral damage to the Left, while the Leftist protesters get let off in most cases, and minor charges if brought to trial.

Her story tells us exactly what we are fighting here: a group of people so alienated from nature that they want to conquer it with a tyrannical bureaucracy, using diversity as their method of cowing us all with guilt.

If they win, we all face treatment like that which Jessica Reavis has endured.

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