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The Wisdom of Susan28

I’m on all sorts of mailing lists. Most people are not bad; they may be irresponsible, however. They have some part of the puzzle figured out. My role is to (a) accept what wisdom they do have and (b) bully them into channeling through logic.

You get some gems, though, like this summary of socialism:

[Consider] Nietzsche’s hawks, who’ve “nothing against the mouse, and infact find him quite delcious”

socialism is basically the (more numerous) mice pouncing and munching on the (stronger but less numerous) hawks until they cough up feathers.

the problem of course is that even the mice need a leader, a “Council of Mice” which ends up putting hawk-like power in the hands of the “Mouse-ciders” until they eventually grow beaks and now we’ve got hawks, whom, unlike the original hawks, can claim a mandate to rule and operate under colour of law.

since this ruling body needs all individuals to be rendered
powerless against it in order for it to properly impose fairness” (ie: monopoly on the use of force), now we’ve got beak-bearing mice eating their former fellows who’ve voluntarily had their teeth pulled and end up missing the old days when it was an asymmetrical but at least *sometimes* winnable contest between their sharp-toothed and fleet-footed selves and the self-serving


I think the only people who embrace socialism are those who take the infrastructure of society for granted, and cannot imagine how their local grocery store might not be there at some point.

In the same way, upper middle-class women think they’re cute and can be demanding, even annoying at times. They don’t realize that 90% of the world looks at them through the eyes of two words: privileged bitch. They don’t care how nice you are. They care about your money. Get with the reality trip, yo.

For me, nihilism was a venture into understanding the bones beneath the skin, the structure below appearance, the hidden mechanism underlying the show I saw projected onto the cave wall. That requires me to look past socialism and see that capitalism is inherent to all things — trade, and the trade of time for wealth — but that it in and of itself does not constitute an order. Get that? The invisible hand is non-existent; capitalism is a process like gravity. It just does what it does, serving itself. If you want your nation more stable, you have to have a brainy leader to intervene, one who understands structure.

But leftists don’t want to hear that. Neither do modern conservatives, or “neoliberals” in my view, who do very little conservation and a whole lot of talking around symbolic points like abortion and fags getting married and prayer in schools. Seems like misdirection to me, since conservatives should be conserving nature and culture and defending them against the horde of irresponsible people out there.

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