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Society’s war on truth continues

Truth is not popular. In fact, here’s Prozak’s theorem:

Prozak’s theorem: The truthfulness of a statement is inversely proportionate to its popularity.

In other words, the more truthful it is, the less likely it is to be popular.

And now, our society has legalized suing people for saying offensive but true things:

The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston ruled recently that a former salesman at Staples can sue the company for libel after a vice president sent an e-mail to about 1,500 employees saying the salesman had been fired for violations of company procedures regarding expenses reimbursements.

Although the decision did not involve a news outlet, it has alarmed journalists, bloggers, and media law specialists, who worry that it could discourage news organizations from pursuing true stories that might cast subjects in a bad light.

Boston Globe

I’d agree, cause for alarm, but just the latest of many actions in society’s war against truth.


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