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The West serves two masters and one tyrant


The tyrant has one command: thou must love none other than the tyrant, and by “love,” the tyrant means fear and obey. In the old days, tyrants made themselves well-known; welcome to Ozymandias Acres, sir, a lifestyle-oriented community… that is, if your credit’s good. But now? The tyrant hides behind layers of misdirection.

In Poland, there are riots for democracy. Fitting that a country which saw both nationalist and communist invasions should be a touchstone for a new debate: which way, democracy? The right wants free markets and traditional values, and the left wants multiculturalism, subsidies and no social standards. The situation illustrates a far deeper problem for European-style societies, and most acutely, the West.

We attribute our wealth and power to democracy, but our greatness predated those. Since the French Revolution in 1789, the West has been slowly and steadily shifting leftward with a few hiccups and blowbacks here and there. Since 1945, this liberalism knew no challenge except Communism, but incorporated the core of Communism — socialism, or state-subsidized living — as a means of defeating it with competition. With the fall of the Soviet Union, this race leftward has only accelerated.

The West thus serves two masters: socialism and conservatism, but neither will address the tyrant, which indirectly controls them both. True, the tyrant is closer to socialism at heart, but a tyrant uses all things as means to an end, and since conservatism exists by trying to carry forth the ancient order of kings and culture through the modern means of democracy, conservatism is corrupted by its own methods. And so we see-saw between the two, never identifying the tyrant.

Let us be honest and say that all liberals differ only by a matter of degree from the most “moderate” social democrat to the full-on raging communist. They want a society where the productive support the rest, first through political equality and later — as inevitably becomes necessary — through subsidies. They do not want a reward system that benefits the achievers over the rest. They want equality, which means the worthwhile and worthless alike receive the same, which creates an incentive to be worthless and soon those take over society. Conservatives vary widely but all are hobbled by the ball and chain of having to pretend a popular vote will ever choose sense over free giveaways, lotteries, circuses and donuts.

The modern leftist state is both capitalist and socialist. It permits capitalism in order to fund socialism because it is more effective to make money and then tax it than it is to rely on equality to generate wealth. European socialism has seemed to “work” because it has only existed for a short time, and has lived off the vast wealth of a powerful society that got to technology first. But as with all false solutions, the details begin to conspire, and now we see bankrupt states where people are too miserable to have families and children, and instead dedicate themselves to hiding away with private pleasures, alienated from the rest. The tyrant laughs, seeing in destruction his power, and vanishes in the night.

With a thorough inspection, however, the identity of the tyrant becomes clear. Who by acting en masse create trends, political disruptions and faddish ideologies? Who buys the media and Hollywood movies (or at least torrents them) and votes for the corrupt politicians? The tyrant is We The People, most specifically those on the left side of the Bell Curve who, lacking understanding, vote with their emotions and social impulses. They always insist on the wrong answers, and the media and government simply sell it to them.

This is the real Cathedral. Our false elites exist because enough of us keep voting for them and supporting them that they thrive as parasites among us. Even when they are proven wrong, the voters can be trusted to panic at certain keywords and thus line up to show they are good comrades by voting the “right” way! Suburban soccer moms, urban hipsters, and low-wage workers of the world all want us to all get along and with that pacifistic sentiment, they drown out the sensible voices.

We will never get anywhere until we overthrow this tyrant. What legitimizes the tyrant is the idea of equality, which is the notion that someone on the far left (lower IQ) side of the Bell Curve is equal to someone on the far right (higher IQ) and therefore, we count warm bodies instead of ideas. The tyrant stays in power because instead of making hard decisions, we hold elections and pick whichever non-solution has the most warm bodies clustered in front of it.

All of our problems originate with this tyrant, and the tyrant is us. Our society has become miserable through a maze of rules, lack of integrity, stupidity and incompetence. Our culture has been erased by the popularity of idiocy and weak substitutes. Our people are alienated, hateful and corrupt. All of this originates with the idea of equality, and until we depose that tyrant, we will shuttle between our two masters, waiting for the end.

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