Furthest Right

The Warrior Monk

Otherwise known, by those unable to rise to the occasion, as a “Knuckledragger”.

A man of experience, principle, honour, and conviction.

Advised by experience and reverence.

Ready and willing to fight for what is right, no matter the hour, no matter the season.

Even to lay down his own life for something greater than himself.

A Man.


Hardly the sort of fellow to share a Latte with, eh?

Well no.

But when the excrement hits the fan?

Maybe a worthwhile ally.


The sort of man who inhabits the moment. Ready. Calm. Prepared.

Deadly, certainly, if deadliness is required.

A devoted husband, when not.

Unconcerned by what does not concern him.

Concerned with matters of concern.


Serious and intense. Then, at a moment’s notice, comradely and hearty.

Salt of the earth, and in tune with it.

Balanced and whole. Fierce and gentle.

There when needed, and gone when not.

A Man.

Not all of us can be like him.

But some of us can.

He did not suddenly become what he is.

He trained and strove. He subjected himself to discipline.

He became what he is. Through application.


He is simple. Yet complex.

Guileless, yet unfathomable.

Admirable in his own eyes.

It is enough, for him.


What he wants is not important.

What he understands is required of him, is.

To perform his function, he relies on the Divine.

It is what powers his resolve.


He who dares, wins.

Who among you dares?

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