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The village idiot now rules the village

stoopid paruntIn ancient times every village had its idiot sitting on the edge of society, gibbering to himself and spouting rubbish to bemused passers by. Since those halcyon days the idiot learned to breed and being the idiot that he is, he bred like a rabbit (he probably raped a farm girl with a gammy leg or some other impediment to a quick getaway) and gradually took over by force of numbers.

Thus these village idiots, once mocked, castigated and in the minority, found their situation reversed. Whole towns are now full of them, stacked up in bars talking about cars and full of opinions on subjects they don’t understand or are remotely qualified to comment on. They even have their own corrupted form of music called “rock and pop”. Their revenge is sweet as finally they’re able to shout down and smother those who once ignored them or beat them to a bloody pulp for eyeing up their flat-footed daughters.

But it seems a minority of slowly increasing numbers within the mainstream is realising there are indeed people out there too stupid to function as healthy human beings. Furthermore, they’re beginning to think something should be done about them.

In the UK, the SS (or Social Services if you prefer) came to the frankly almost unprecedented conclusion that a council estate mother of a disabled child was quite literally too stupid to look after her own offspring and recommended it be put into care. Despite this halfway commendable decision, they continue to shuffle their feet and look distinctly uncomfortable at the obvious implications of their actions. Namely:

1) If individuals are judged by qualified professionals to be unfit to bring up children to the extent that they should be taken from them, why is there not a system in place to prevent them having children in the first place?
2) Isn’t it obvious that this absolute cretin of poor genetic stock and abysmal prospects is predisposed to poor parenthood and unhealthy, unconstructive children?

Chief Executive for children’s charity Barnardo’s, Martin Narey, commented recently that abused and murdered infant “Baby P” (killed by his own idiot parent of course) was in any case likely to become a liability and destructive member of society due to the nature of his upbringing:

“It saddens me that the probability is that, had Baby P survived, given his own deprivation he might have been unruly by the time he had reached the age of 13 or 14. At which point he’d have become feral, a parasite, a yob, helping to infest our streets,” he said as part of the Barnardo’s lecture series at the Duke of Wellington Hall, London.

The Independent

Yet again he was still afraid to clearly articulate publically what he undoubtedly feels in private. Why? Because the village idiot horde would shout him down and demand his resignation, compounded by a stampede of politicians and media eager to gain momentary favour with the mob. Surely it’s high time we neutered the idiot and eradicated him from the genepool. They couldn’t have known in ancient times that he’d someday rule the world, after all.

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