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The victory of Donald Trump


Awareness of the failings of democracy is at an all-time high. We know the voters choose wrong every time and that a parasitic establishment — composed of media lackeys and professional politicians who specialize in not rocking the boat, thus accepting compromise with our political inertia toward third world style mob rule — ensures our choices are always bad.

Underneath that, where most people fear to tread intellectually, is the idea that mob rule is not the best method of government. Even a short study of history reveals that democracy tends to empower the lowest common denominator feelings and result in a population voting itself into a tyrannical government and third-world levels of economy through a destroyed middle class. Giving people free things is always popular, and necessarily results in taking from the productive few to subsidize the clueless masses. This has an inertia of its own, starting slowly and ending in conditions not unlike those in the Soviet Union or post-Revolutionary France, where little is produced and fools rule.

Into this fray comes Donald Trump, whose appeal is that he is a loser in the current system but a winner elsewhere. He owes nothing to the system, or to anyone else, and so can speak his mind. He has made his fortunes by going against conventional wisdom, and brings to us the unsettling idea that what we are told is “success” is usually a path to failure. He has also united most of the disagreeable people in mouth-foaming, hysterical opposition to him.

I have no idea if he can win the nomination or the election, but Trump has already won. He has forced the enemies of realistic thinking to congregate in a single mass, and he has shown that the current system will do anything to deny any approach but business as usual. His greatest victory has been demonstrating that our “conservatives” are nothing more than rent-seekers who make their profit off of jingoism, outrage culture and doing nothing to rock the boat.

Democracy still deserves our scorn, and undoubtedly the media and establishment have some pro-liberal tricks in store for Mr. Trump. But by showing that conservatives — sorry, “conservatives” — would rather fight him than take sensible and winnable positions, he has demonstrated the utter failings of Business As Usual and has validated all that dissidents from the Tea Party through the far-right have been saying for decades.

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