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The Super Silent Majority: Why Trump Supporters Are Not Voicing Support to Pollsters

Right now, the television tells us that Hillarious Clinton is leading Donald Trump by at least several points, with some sources claiming that she will take 87% of the vote. There are a number of factors however which can mediate this.

First, right now approximately one in ten people is responding that he will vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. The third-party vote wasters are beloved by the major parties because they can split the vote; the loss here goes to the Republicans, who will lose more people to Gary Johnson than the Democrats will lose to Jill Stein. As the vote approaches, this gap will narrow as everyone but the neckbeards and burnt-out hippies who just want to say they were right all along will start looking at the major candidates to avoid tossing away a vote on a candidate that has zero hope of succeeding.

Even more importantly, there are many people who right now are insisting they are against Trump or undecided who will never tell anyone what their vote is, because they realize that they will experience real-world consequences for having the “wrong” viewpoint:

A 62-year-old male was assaulted in a Friendly’s parking lot for wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt, Bloomfield police reported Tuesday.

The victim was walking on West Passaic Avenue in Bloomfield at 5:41 p.m. Wednesday when a male in an older gray compact vehicle questioned him about his shirt of the Republican presidential candidate. The suspect directed profanities at the victim as he continued to follow the victim.

The suspect followed the victim to the restaurant at 1243 Broad St. The suspect then approached the victim armed with a crowbar. An altercation occurred, with the suspect striking the victim several times, police said.

Even more, among Republicans, many people who are nodding to the “Never Trump” message will quietly go down to the polls and cast a vote for him. In liberal households, people hide the fact that they vote Republican at all; in Republican households, people hide the fact that they do not intend to vote cuckservative, because otherwise they become controversial within their own social group.

But the grim fact is that America is radically divided and polarized, ironically by its attempt to find “bipartisan” ground despite the fact that Left and Right desire entirely different nations. As a result, tempers are flaring, and to support Trump — or even just to fail to support the Left — can put a person in mortal danger.

Witness another event of political violence:

According to CBS affiliate KIMT in Iowa, the victim was assaulted outside of Top Shots bar around 1:30 a.m. Saturday after saying “All lives matter” to a group of people. The group became agitated and a suspect punched the victim, knocking him unconscious.

We live in a Soviet age where it is wise to keep one’s opinions to oneself, then take them out on the voting booth and by gradually separating from the crazy zombies who insist on illusory ideas. Already we are seeing fewer people socializing with other races or across the political aisle, and this will only accelerate as our divisions deepen as the election approaches.

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