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The problem with Mexico is the problem with us

As our southern neighbor, Mexico shows up quite a bit in US policy discussions. The problem is that all of those involve critique of how we deal with Mexico on specific issues, not an overview of the relationship between the United States and Mexico.

If we examine it further, we can see how the United States is a disaster for Mexico.

This is not as simple as the drug war. If you were looking for an article which, sheepishly condescending like a kindergarten teacher, would tell you that changing a single piece of our policy could magically fix everything, you’re on the wrong blog.

The United States is a disaster for Mexico for two reasons:

  • Wealth disparity. We are a wealthy nation; Mexico is poor (but not as poor as it has been, and not as rich as it was under the Spaniards). Therefore, labor is going to flow one way and cash another. This will have several consequences:
    1. Instability. Mexico’s economy will become accustomed to the flow of money from the north and come to depend on it.
    2. Surrogacy. Mexico will find no need to develop its own economy for its own ends, since it expects the American economy to be its host.
    3. Resentment. It’s a self-esteem blow to lose self-sufficiency. Not only does the host become resented, but so does the dependent. Mexico’s self-esteem takes a whack and hatred for the US increases.
  • Incompatibility. No two objects can occupy the same space; no two types of government can occupy the same nation; no two cultures can occupy the same civilization. Diversity has historically always failed, and where it exists in the modern world, exists as two things:
    1. Food and talking points. Any conversation about diversity inevitably involves both ethnic food and self-back-patting for being so open-minded, compassionate, tolerant, experimental, adventurous, on the wild side, etc. People of the majority ethnic group advocate diversity to appear holier than the rest of us, but when pressed on its advantages, they can only name ethnic food. Why? In addition to other factors, because diversity self-reduces. When you import people of many cultures to one place, they lose those cultures by assimilation, and so all that’s left is the local buffet.
    2. Gigantic social cost. Not just all the moneymaker programs that hire useless people to tell the rest of us how to live, but the costs of trying to fit different standards into the same boat and the result fracas; also, the inevitable conflict borne out of resentment for the majority and thus guerrilla tactics including crime and violence, then fading away into the ghetto. These show up in every diverse culture. Usually the minority is fully aware of having been imported to do unskilled labor and hates it.

    We are taught by repetition through schools, helpful government propaganda TV programs like Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock, and even the opinions of our favorite entertainers, that diversity is our strength. In fact, it’s a futile quest to cram together two or more opposing things:

  • Blame. When you put two kids together, it’s too easy for them to blame each other for their own inability to stop fidgeting and fighting. With the USA and Mexico being semi-conjoined yet not the same nation, the two are constantly blaming each other. Mexico blames the USA for Mexico’s inability to stop drug lords from running its country; the USA blames Mexico for the USA’s inability to stop its citizens from getting high on anything they can get their hands on.
  • Bad escape valve. Emigrating to the USA forms an escape valve for Mexicans that encourages them to avoid fixing the vast and structural problems in their culture; in the meantime, cheap Mexican labor encourages Americans to accept more mediocrity, laziness and a spreading of the labor pool as opposed to a concentration of knowledge and refinement of knowledge regarding many of these tasks. Even more, the two nations feed off each other:

    On Monday, the Central Bank of Mexico reported that remittances or wire transfers to Mexico increased by 5.48 percent between January and March over the same period in 2010.

    In the first quarter of the year, remittances rose to $5.1 billion, from the $4.83 billion in the first three months of 2010.

    The announcement further confirms the results of Pew Hispanic Center study released in late 2010, which found that while every demographic of native-born workers has lost millions of jobs during this deep recession, foreign-born workers have actually increased their employment numbers.

    Since June 2009, immigrants (including illegal aliens) have gained 656,000 jobs, while U.S. born workers lost 1.2 million jobs during that same period. –

    This won’t end well. Mexico suffers when its labor pool goes to the USA; USA suffers when money leaves the country and, because jobs are dumbed down to accommodate the unskilled and inexpensive labor picked up off the curb-corners of Home Depot stores, the USA drives skilled labor out of construction and other basic jobs.

When you see the shocking violence, or the appalling death toll, remember that those are effects of the fundamental imbalance in US-Mexico relations, not causes in themselves:

For anyone dreaming of an imminent end to the criminal bloodbath tormenting Mexico, April was perhaps the cruelest month.

More than 1,400 gangland killings were clocked, by one newspaper’s count, giving April the highest death toll of the 53 months since President Felipe Calderon unleashed the military and federal police against the country’s crime syndicates. The toll includes more than 300 bodies pulled from mass graves near the South Texas border and in other northern Mexican states.

Many of the graves’ victims were killed weeks, even months earlier. Still, nearly 40 people a day were slain last month, according to Milenio, the newspaper that tallied the 1,402 deaths. In April’s last week alone, gunmen abducted 11 city police officers, including the force’s chief, in a Monterrey suburb. – Houston Chronicle

We watch these tragedies daily, and notice how many immigrants drown or die of exposure trying to get across. Do we have a solution?

The liberal “solution” is to import more voters by legalizing illegal immigrants. The only thing that gives them pause is that Mexican immigrants do not behave like good Democrat stoolies; in fact, they not only resent African-Americans as much as the white majority, but tend to favor conservative social values, which stands in opposition to Democratic policy.

The conservative “solution” is either to continue keeping these immigrants illegal so we can pay them nothing (which in turn guts the American economy by slanting it toward unskilled, low-cost labor and away from high-tech solutions and well-trained, specialized labor) or to bloviate about how terrible it is these people are crossing our Holy Border to come work for table scraps.

A new way must be found, because right now, the situation isn’t helping either nation. Clearly some members of both civilizations are seeing benefit, but only at the expense of others, and in turn the whole.

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