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The politicization of hair

Is short hair a conscious – or unconscious – signal that a woman is not interested in sex?

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In ages in which inadequate nutrition played havoc with beauty, resplendent hair was a sign of fruitfulness, its unleashing implying the intimacy of the bedchamber.

Where long hair suggested sex, short hair has been a mark of revolution; of women putting political rather than sexual objectives first.

The Daily Mail

Bloviation gone wild.

It’s helpful to distinguish women from men. Long hair, breasts, wide hips. But back in reality land, we know women come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cutting your hair man-short — not short, not intermediate, but extremely short — means you’re ready to get some working done. Whether that’s political or in an office, it is a denial of the symbol of femininity — not femininity itself.

It’s sending a signal, but that signal is ambiguous. This article interprets it in honest-to-god middle school fashion, linking it to sex because, hey, that’s how women are different — and how they market themselves, even with boy-short hair, which may simply be a way of saying “if you want me to be a woman, you need to fulfil my political objectives first.”

Political meaning the manipulation of others.

No wonder today’s men play a lot of video games. Women are just as neurotic as men, and take it out through their sexuality, and then we must suffer through the bloviation of whether a symbol — male-cut hair — is the cause, when we all know the cause is too much neurotic lying and dissimulation causing our society to decay.

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