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Let kids be kids

After 12 years and more than 5,000 performances, “Rent” will go down as one of the most popular Broadway plays.

But some parents and church officials in Rowlett are angry, saying they don’t want their kids performing the musical on a school stage.

However, it still deals with edgy and controversial subject matter, such as drug use, AIDS and prostitution. The play also has same-sex kissing scenes.

“They told us they were going to use the play as an opportunity to teach diversity, acceptance and tolerance,” said Gallops.


“Teaching tolerance” means, in the biological terms of your instructors, teaching their lifestyles, which are: neurotic. They fear their own lack of function, so they teach tolerance as a moral value so that dysfunction is tolerated; the rights of women, gays, minorities, etc. is the justification, not the goal.

The goal is to justify themselves. My teachers were this way, yours were, and these kids face the same gauntlet. The old school teachers weren’t this way: to them it was a job that had better perks than adult jobs, but they never forgot their goal was the welfare of their students.

Independent of the content of this play — all four of my readers on this blog know that I’m in favor of recognizing the science behind homosexuality and finding a tolerant solution, and that I believe in racial and gender tolerance through parallel multiculturalism, as opposed to the serial variant we have now — let kids be kids. Leave off the adult issues and the consequent propaganda until they are actually adults (at this late stage in our society, this happens at closer to 30 than 16).

Kids, if you ask them, won’t want to stay kids. They want to be adults. They want to take on adult issues. But they have maybe five years of experience as sexual beings, as autonomous beings, and still haven’t encountered issues like earning a living and deciding on whether they want families. Give them more time to grow. The message should be: enjoy a long childhood, and learn basic skills before you tackle the complex — read: insoluble — issues of adulthood in this time.

Our teachers now are more like child molestors, pushing their adult neurosis onto innocents because the innocents don’t know enough to give a qualified NO to the question. On the surface, everything is peachy because they’ve adopted this popular play to be edgy and teach adult issues; underneath, there’s a sick treacle of self-doubt and neurotic casting about for a cause, and they’re pushing the whole mess on kids, as if by corrupting others they don’t have to be miserable alone.

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