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The Party That Serves You

The other day, I found myself wondering why the Left had become so dominant in the West. It surely was not because of the truth quotient of their ideological outlook.

Then I realized: they had become the party that “serves you,” to its constituents, meaning that it established a social order that forced other people to participate in society so that each citizen could get what they needed. They did this (ironically) by taking over from more extreme Leftists and exiling most of those from the party.

In the United States, for example, the Left went from the anarchy and LSD party of the 1960s to the “make everyone work so that taxes are paid and your social services arrive on time” party. They particularly seduced the elderly with benefits and women with promises of safety.

Having a party that “serves” you has two components: first, it forces everyone else to go to work all the time so that when you want a pizza, or your kid has trouble at school, there is someone there to make it happen; second, they promise “safety” by buying off threats, such as by sending benefits into the ghetto to reduce crime.

Formerly, the Right had been the party of safety and security because free markets worked well and safety was guaranteed by taking strong stances on what was and was not legitimate. But after the 1930s, Leftism infected the West and destroyed the utility of that approach.

At that point, the only option was for a Left-leaning voice to appear and promise endless benefits to keep the inner city quiet, the elderly from starving, and to use the resulting high-tax high-cost lifestyle structure to force everyone to work, which means you may live in a hollow souled city but you can get a pizza made any time.

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