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The Panic At MSCCCP Is Really Good News

So Joe Scarborough has finally decided that violence against his former political party, The GOP, that recently occurred in Alexandria, VA was a bad thing.

It showed up in an outside organization’s ad against Jon Ossoff and even before the results came in last night, he knew this one left a mark. When the Democratic Party loses elections over it, then violence is bad. When Twitter is an example of Marxian groupthink that grosses out typical Americans, MSCCCP turns on Twitter.

No, it wasn’t Samuel L. Jackson calling on Georgia voters to unleash furious anger on behalf of Jon Ossoff.

No, what stopped the Democratic Party’s “better candidate” was Jon Ossoff.

This advertisement needs to run against every Democrat running for every office. They need to answer it in some constructive fashion. If you don’t want a Civil War in Amerika, the Left needs to be punished for their rhetorical support for killing Conservatives that helped fuel the blessedly inept rampage of the Bernie Bro Shooter in Alexandria, VA. There is only one way to hold a political organization accountable in a Democracy. You have to directly challenge a behavior of theirs’ that you do not approve of in a way that causes then to lose elections.

Speak to them the language they really comprehend. Your views will mean nothing in a Democracy until you air them in a fashion that alters the outcomes of elections and thereby changes the power structure. Your brain only counts in a Democracy if you make it count by either supporting or threatening somebody’s power. Therefore, Democracy, by it’s nature; invites at least some level of conflict. It is the kiddie pool version of the politics of who/whom.

Worse than that, it is the gateway drug. As overprescribed opioids are to Heroin, Democracy is to Socialism. You therefore have to be able to use both the First Amendment and The Second Amendment to defend yourself and those that you love against American Democracy. You use the First Amendment judiciously and effectively, so that you are not forced upon recourse to the Second One. You avoid having it be a game of the politics of who/whom involving firearms by socially criminalizing deliberate physical intimidation and violence.

The rhetoric of “Get in their face.” “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” “Push back twice as hard!” “Resist them by all means possible.” This rhetoric may be sincerely hyperbolic rather than mandative. However, not all people receive messages the way they are intended to be sent. Communications can be a challenging art. People who already want to shoot one another over differences of race, religion, nationality, gender or opinion, will hear “Resist them by all means possible” and assume they are green to open fire on the enemy. This has nothing to do with whether Barack, Hillary or even The Bern really believe that the road to Hell is paved with dead, white Conservatives.

So we fight back by putting it right in front of those voters exactly what their lives will be like if they reward this sort of Liberal rhetoric. Make the electorate toss off Ossoff today, and you may not have to medevac the next Congressman Scalise tomorrow. Make the cost of deliberately toeing the edge of hate speech escalate so that Liberals stop doing it. If fewer people are revved up for war by MSCCCP, war is a lot less likely to be interested in you. That is all.

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