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The Obama Future

It’s not dystopic, like something you’d read about on It’s certainly not a utopia, either. Here’s your Obama future:


Per an article on the current welfare state in the UK, the moral hazard of throwing money at people so they can spend it on junk food and entertainment is exactly this: they will never, ever want to get off their lazy asses and work. Welfare should be provided for subsistence only during times of healthy government and economy. Our government and economy is based on mindless consumer spending; giving money out to people so they can apply for credit cards and rack up huge amounts of debt by purchasing cars, flat-screen TVs, and Domino’s pizza is a way for the government to spur economic activity – which has nothing to do with helping those in need. Welfare, in this application, is NOT a cure for anything; it is, in fact a symptom of larger problems at work in society.

Not that it makes much difference in the end, but Obama handing out entitlements to all will further bankrupt our economy, and force the Fed to print out more of those not-so-valuable-anymore dollar bills. Welcome to Obama’s Third World. Unfortunately, our only other options include someone who really believes universal health care can ever work in this country, and a veteran who wants to increase our troop presence in Iraq and piss off the world even more.


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