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The news media isn’t liberal, it’s pro-underdog

Let’s examine this CNN article. On the surface, it’s unbiased. But a woman died when her house was hit by a Palestinian missile, and we don’t see her face on the front page. Even more, we hear about the damage done by Israeli bombs but not much about what provoked the attack. It’s subtly biased.

The endless debate over whether the media is leftist (liberal) or rightist (conservative) continues where people give a damn, but it’s clear to me that the media loves an underdog. When Hitler persecuted Jews, Jews were everyone’s underdog and the crowd loved them. Now that they’re perceived as being powerful, and anyone around them is suffering, it is assumed by the nodding empty heads that it’s Israel’s fault. They are now the oppressor, not the oppressed, in the court of (misinformed) public opinion.

Jews should learn from this and be very cynical regarding leftist/liberal Jews. After all, in the Soviet Union, Jews at first had positions of power and were well-integrated into society. The crowd loved them because they’d been persecuted everywhere else, so they became part of the People. But then… someone noticed that Jews were succeeding, and envy took hold, and soon the crowd was willing to endorse violent anti-Semitism. See a pattern? It’s the same thing happening here, except of course for now the stakes are lower.

I believe that whether you’re a Nazi or a hippie, you can see why Jewish people need a homeland to preserve their unique culture, religion, languages and heritage. If you think that through, you’ll see that means a homeland for JEWS ONLY. Yes, it sucks there are Palestinians there, but if we move them now, we can avoid years of pointless grinding conflict that will see many Palestinians destroyed and many Jews also destroyed.

Here was my comment on a thread on a generally far left metal board, where a news article about Israel rapidly turned into crass anti-Semitism:

Every people is their own god’s chosen people.

So we need a separate place for each one.

Multiculturalism is the problem, not Jews.


I have no expectation anyone will listen, because they can choose not to, even if a little disciplined thinking showed them the lucidity of my point.

In the meantime, Jews and Palestinians die side by side, with neither side yet articulating the obvious — and slightly inconvenient — solution to the problem.

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