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The new anti-semitism

The pseudo-intellectual and superstitious tropes of Judaeophobia are very much the same as they ever were. They involve the hatred of the countryside for the urban (and the urbane), the hatred of the provinces for the capital (and for capital), the disdain of the settled establishment for the subversive, and the visceral loathing of the tradition-minded “organic” community for the rootless and the cosmopolitan. In this, one can understand both the nastier moments that one may encounter in the study of T. S. Eliot and also the mentality of those Argentine fascists who tortured the Jewish editor and journalist, Jacobo Timerman. As Timerman recalled the obsessions of the death-squad Right in his imperishable book Prisoner without a Name: Cell without a number, his interrogators believed that “Argentina has three main enemies: Karl Marx, because he tried to destroy the Christian concept of society; Sigmund Freud, because he tried to destroy the Christian concept of the family; and Albert Einstein, because he tried to destroy the Christian concept of time and space”. I went to look this up after I had read MacShane citing Argentine military men who to this day believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy to annex and Zionize the remoter areas of Patagonia, the better, presumably, to extend Protocol power to the Jew-free wastes of Antarctica.

Times Online

Liberalism is resentment against those with more than average.

Elites get to be elites by pandering to the liberal crowd.

Once they’ve reached elite status, however, they need to avoid offending that crowd — say, by retaliating against Palestinians for launching unguided fragmentation bombs on civilian areas, which is an act of war in anyone’s book — or they become oppressors and not Friends of The Oppressed.

Jews have now switched position, from their 1946 high of “genocide victims” to “privileged elites,” and now the same (liberal) crowd that elected Obama and protected Jews and Israel for years is turning on them.

Basically, liberalism helps no one, because it always requires an enemy, where fascist states (for example) only fight one type of enemy: the socialist/liberal. Liberalism is a philosophy based on negativity and destruction of those who rose above the crowd, and now Jews can join the long list of cultures trying to defend themselves against modern assimilation who’ve found this out.

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