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The new flat earth: equality Is Magical

Referring to columnist Thomas L. Friedman’s contention that a globalized society flattens economic and cultural differences, Fink said: “Parents are very aware that their children will be living in a flat world. So the more experiences they have with children who are different than them, the better.”


Just like when people thought the earth was flat, modern people have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea that humanity is not flat. Some are taller. Some are smarter. Some are more beautiful. Evolution occurs in both linear, or some-better-than-others, and parallel, motions.

It’s the new ignorance to pretend equality — which in scientific terms we might call entropy or heat death, because it gives any particular zero incentive to act on others, as all options end in the same outcome — is somehow a great magical good that will make things better.

Globalism won’t make anything better; it will destroy what uniqueness exists, and replace it with a global mall and a grey cultureless race of people who get their values from television advertising. People like Friedman make their living by writing what the credulous masses want to hear, and what is convenient for their corporate overlords.

It shows, doesn’t it? The New Flat Earthers are here to argue that we’re all the same, therefore the peace will be kept, and therefore those of us who argue fanatically — in denial of all reality — in favor of a Flat Earth are the new geniuses. It’s like a big self-congratulatory trend by those who don’t like reality and want to obscure it.

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