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Half to three-quarters of major Antarctic penguin colonies — including the iconic Emperor Penguin, which was made famous by the blockbuster hit March of the Penguins — will likely experience significant decline or disappearance as a result of climate change, according to a new report from World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


Let’s put that in numbers, so you see it more clearly: out of the four penguins around you, 2 or 3 of them will be gone or sickly within the next two years.

That may leave them below the reproductive threshold, at which point they cannot exist as a species. They will die out, potentially.

If that happened to a human group (at least one we see as an underdog) we would call it genocide. Why don’t we do that for the animals?

We are potentially about to lose these penguin species forever. Is anyone paying attention?

No, they’re worried about human problems, specifically those that make them feel better to worry about because they’re both not the elephant in the room, and make them feel like heroes for helping the underdog:

Debate has been raging in Norway after a series of recent incidents viewed as both anti-foreign and racist.

Police were summoned to the new asylum center at Dønski in Bærum, set to open next Friday. Its exterior walls had been smeared with threats against both officials of the immigration agency UDI and prospective residents of the center.

The threats implied an acute fear of foreigners (called fremmed frykt in Norwegian), and included sayings like “Keep Norway pure” and “UDI pigs, be careful.”


By all means, let’s force foreigners on Norwegians and adulterate Norwegians into a grey cultureless heritageless equal mass just like America, because that sounds “fair” to us.

Norway for the Norwegians. And the penguins?

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