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The Leftist Method (#1)

It makes sense to see what your enemies do that succeeds. In this first installment of The Leftist Method, I present the seemingly paradoxical Leftist technique of alternately circling the wagons and engaging in a circular firing squad.

The rule is this:

Leftists protect each other from external threats, but have no problem eating each other alive internally in order to radicalize themselves.

When a non-Leftist voice is critical, they unite to deny, sabotage and subvert it.

When there are no external threats, they manufacture an internal one in the form of the perpetual loyalty test. Someone inside the Left-camp will be found not disloyal, but not loyal enough. This radicalizes the others by forcing them to act out the ideology more severely.

Leftists — like Communists, their endgame status — have no problem executing a few people at dawn in the courtyard of Lefortovo Prison in order to make a point, because it makes everyone else fall in line. No one wants to be next. The best defense is a good offense, so these all make a point of being Good Ideologues and intensifying their efforts. This causes the malignant growth of Leftism.

Like most radical ideologies, Leftism requires a perennial scapegoat. When one cannot be found, they cull from the bottom up, creating a natural selection matrix that favors the most radical.

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