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The knockout game isn’t what you think it is

happy_turkey_day_turkeysPress and government are alike in that they act after the fact and tell us what to think about what happened. They aren’t there before the tragedy happens, because it isn’t news or a crime yet, technically. They live on the other side of that thin line.

You shouldn’t be surprised that they are late to the realization that “The Knockout Game” is a popular way to express racial antagonism in the USA. In this game, urban youths (usually black) sneak up on a passerby (usually white) and punch them unconscious.

The Knockout Game is part of something so old that it’s surprising these people don’t recognize it from their Bibles or history courses. In fact, it’s amazing that anyone does not see it. The Knockout Game is provocation and our response to it will determine our future.

It’s important first to take a note of race here on this blog. We don’t have opinions; we make predictions. One prediction, grounded in 6,000 years of history, is that diversity — of any form: ethnic, religious, cultural or caste — is non-functional and destroys civilizations as trying to make it work consumes them from within.

The important takeaway from our analysis of diversity is that the problem is not x group or y group, but diversity itself. Diversity destroys because it forces a removal of values systems so that different values systems can “tolerate” each other.

It also causes antagonism. Unless perfect equality is achieved, there’s always going to be tension between those at the top and those at the bottom. If that splits along racial lines, even if it’s perfectly fair, resentment will occur and will never go away.

Thus the Knockout Games of the world are invented to exploit this situation. The people with money and power fear the chaos possible in citizen revolt, and so they’re willing to buy off their underclasses with welfare, bread and circuses and so on.

The Knockout Game, like other forms of mau-mauing, then becomes a way to demand more from the people with money and power. It’s a way of saying that the existing benefits aren’t enough, so cough up more cash and maybe the beatings will not resume. However, this starts a cycle from which there is no escape.

The primary cause of this cycle is the nature of poverty itself. We like to describe it as a disease, but that’s social flattery. Poverty is caused by inability. In some cases, it’s intellectual; in others, it’s merely the time-honored saying being proven true: “Poor people have poor ways.”

Why is it that every ghetto on earth is the best place to find drugs, booze, hookers and card games? How is it that even the poorest seem to have money for cigarettes and lottery tickets? Or even televisions and video game consoles? Poverty results from poor life decisions more than anything else, with a tiny (1%) minority of poor people being the result of a temporary setback.

Even worse, poverty expands to fill the space allotted to it by society’s handouts. When society creates welfare, poor people are incentivized (as economists would say) to stay home and reproduce. The more mouths they have to feed, the more benefits. We make them into parasites to neutralize them.

If poverty is allowed to expand enough, which only happens in wealthy societies, it eventually leads to revolution. This is because of The Knockout Game: poor people are trained by such systems to keep making poor decisions, and then to keep rattling the cages for more cash. At some point, there isn’t more, usually because of a recession or war. Then there’s no choice but for the poor to back down and look weak, which they’ll never do, or push onward to full-blown revolution, at which point they have to invent a mythos of their own oppression to justify the orgy of theft, murder and destruction that inevitably follows.

We know The Knockout Game from international politics. The biggest player is North Korea. Any time they’re short of cash, they do something insane, usually involving nuclear weapons. The rich nations of the West show up and buy them off, in echoes of Neville Chamberlain, which helps the Norks feed their starving Communist masses for another season.

The Knockout Game is also being played in American politics. It’s a fascinating insight into who the actual target — the perceived rich and powerful — are. Obama’s decision to close embassy in Vatican is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics, say the headlines. But that’s the point. It’s the Knockout Game. He’s going to keep on slapping your face until you give in and buy him off. But if you buy him off, he’ll just demand more the next round.

Another article discusses the ugly synergy between liberal acts such as fake hate crimes reports, knockout games and the 50% of Greek HIV patients who have infected themselves in order to get government benefits. There’s a parasitism cycle here and it corresponds to the knockout game. Offer benefits; create resentment; then be forced to make even more buyouts to avoid revolution.

Humanity has faced this problem in all ages: what to do about the differences between the haves and have-nots. Leftists, who argue from the individual, think we should pay out if anyone has less than others; rightists, who argue from consequences, think we should set up some form of quasi-meritocratic system that exchanges reward for labor/risk. An even older point of view sees this as a moral issue.

In that view, to which I subscribe, it’s amoral to hand people things when they need to show some participation. The more we hand out, the more parasites we create. The less we encourage poor people to change their ways, the more they stay poor. This way each gets what he or she deserves, and none are penalized in order to appease others.

This viewpoint is entirely compatible with Darwinism. Evolution demands we set up standards and reward those who meet them, and do nothing for the rest. This is how nature slowly refines simple species into highly competent ones: it rewards competence and fails to reward incompetence or mediocrity.

If there’s a takeaway on The Knockout Game, it is that the game itself shows us who the targets are. Who’s rich and powerful in America? Not our media and financial elites, but our normal middle class white people. Why: we are the majority. We are presumed to be in control. But most importantly, we’re the ones who will actually foot the bill for more appeasement.

This isn’t changed from any other time in history. If you look at the upper half of the middle class, you see slim, attractive, healthy, athletic and intelligent people whose biology reflects their Norse-Germanic heritage. That’s the American majority, and it’s what most people on earth want to be. But there’s only one path there, which is through evolution.

Most of those who are wishfully wanting to take part realize that. They will not be able to be from this naturally-favored group. Their next response is to demand money from it, to try to control and dominate it, and when they bleed it dry, to destroy it.

This pattern plays itself out throughout history. The weaker masses envy the stronger and end up murdering them. Evolution is reversed, and the poor get even poorer, since the cash cow middle class has gone away. France, Russia, Latin America, Eastern Europe… what’s left afterwards is an impoverished warzone.

On this turkey day, when we give thanks for what we have, we should remember how to make the hardest decision, which is to not be turkeys. We should take a hard-line moral view and reward only those who contribute, and give nothing to the rest. Their threat of revolt will be empty if we never become their sugar daddies in the first place.

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