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The heart of the world


Man is a single cell. On his own he is powerless; how could a single cell make any difference? But when cells come together to a common aim, they become a supremely powerful organ capable of heavy labor. This organ is like a great heart: it can do what no one would have thought possible. Working alone our efforts come short, but working together people may achieve great things.

Most people exhibit a broken spirit; when they meet with resistance they give up and they are so used to giving up that their lives are a continual process of being walked-over. They proceed by resignation, making their lives comfortable but living without meaningful foundation, having no spirit, no goals and being part of nothing worthwhile. In this state they call others mad that try and do the “impossible” as if they are but dreamers for not having the same loser mentality.

Faced with challenges you could fail, and the poor of spirit is afraid to. These would rather have us come down to their level and care only for our own complacent welfare while wasting our lives away. Rather than step up to the challenges of life they make sure that others do not, holding them back. This way they continue to look OK in a surrounding wherein everyone is equal. They avoid challenges and do not involve themselves in real movements that require hard work and a focus on getting things done. If they do become part of a movement it is only for show.

A real movement has a core that is organized which has intent. Its participants work hard to accomplish what it set out to do. But society is not like this. It is fragmented, humans stand alone or their movements exist without a solid core, both accomplish nothing. Uniting for a common aim and putting in effort is required for life to continue. What exactly is that aim?

Personally I think there can be no more conclusive definition at this stage than “saving the world.” It would seem larger than life, but as we congregate by and by more things become possible. We channel our struggles through conservatism, changing things by the root by methods which have proven successful, cooperating with the like-minded. Together we are much stronger than any of us could ever hope to be on our own. We are the heart of the world, working diligently, without complaint.

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