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The Grey Pill

Since colored pills seem to represent the modern desire for a one-step solution to the decline of Western Civilization, let us look at the grey pill: the notion that the world mirrors the self, instead of the other way around.

The essence of the grey pill is individualism, or the idea that the self is more important than reality. This idea comes both from our tendency to view our big brains as more real than the world around us because the sensations of thought are stronger, and our natural inclination to resent life for resisting our intent and urges.

As it happens with human intelligence, the grey pill manifests itself in universalism, which roughly speaking means that all people perceive and understand the same truths. This is a form of individualism expanded inside-out, because the implication is that what the individual thinks is what the rest of the world does or should think.

Universalism serves as the basis for The Enlightenment™ thought, because for us to place our faith in “human reason,” we must believe it is evenly distributed among humans, even though all evidence points to the contrary. With that notion in our heads, ideas like democracy, rule by law and not wise elders, diversity and equality suddenly seemed plausible, to the ruin of all.

In reality, esotericism makes more sense than the grey pill. In esotericism, understanding of symbols or truths is entirely dependent on the perceiver, and people are limited to variant — not equal — degrees by experience, genetic ability and dedication. This means that nothing can be “true” in a universal context; there is only reality, and some assessments of it, which are not shared completely between people.

In other words, the essence of esotericism is the black pill, or the notion that there are no inherent truths and human attempts to portray, communicate and moralize based on perceived truth are illusion. There is only a hierarchy of people, with some knowing more than others, and we either put those in charge to discipline the rest, or the rest oppress us all by insisting on ignorance.

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