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The futilists

A good way to maintain control of someone else is to set up an impossible task and refuse to accept them until they complete it.

For this reason, people whose lives have shattered around them prefer to assault us with attacks on necessary methods: stop war! no disagreement! we must all get along! love every other! we are all one.

Of course, if their suggestions made any sense, those methods would not have been adopted. We’d all like an easier solution.

But the fact remains that without an all-powerful God (or all-seeing eye) who directly intervenes in our lives, we have no way of resolving disputes except conflict: debate, disagreement, dislike, ostracization and warfare.

In fact, our history as a species is one of disagreements dividing people, and one group going on to do great things while the others stayed home, did the same ineffective stuff, and got nowhere.

Be wary of the people who preach futility. They take many forms. Some are anarchists, who suppose that by doing away with society you get the perfect society; others are callow pseudo-nationalists who want to make themselves feel better by subjugating other racial groups and keeping them around as servants. All of them preach useless, self-referential and directionless philosophies.

Sadly, so do a lot of our mainstream sources. Their goal is to keep you going back to work, and buying stuff, and not rocking the boat. As a result, they like to wrap futility in sugar and pitch it to you as the only way to be “enlightened”, educated, nice and smart.

Naturally, their real agenda is to neutralize you — or rather, convince you to neutralize yourself. This is why in many ages, a new idea is resisted tooth and nail until it reaches critical mass, and suddenly we see that a small group of visionaries were right while “conventional wisdom” was wrong.

We are living through the self-extinction of the European civilization that shaped the age we live in. In his new bestselling book “Civilization,” renowned Harvard historian Niall Ferguson writes: “If the Muslim population of the UK were to continue growing at an annual rate of 6.7% (as it did between 2004 and 2008,) its share of the total UK population would rise from just under 4% in 2008 to 8% in 2020, to 15% in 2030 and to 28% in 2040, finally passing 50%in 2050.”

Ferguson is not alone in using the term “Eurabia” to describe an Islamicized, senescent European continent. Historian Bat Ye’or spent her career studying the phenomenon and Professor Bernard Lewis told German daily Die Welt that “Europe will have Muslim majorities at the latest by the end of the 21st Century.” – Ynet

What you’re seeing above is not a maniacal jihad to destroy the European races, although that would be a consequence.

Instead, it’s a maniacal crusade to destroy the majority — those who all share some values — in every form, so that no value system prevails, and therefore every value is accepted. Who benefits from that?

  • Commerce. Neurotic valueless people make better consumers. Without culture to give them direction in life, they cast about for solutions, and end up trying to stuff the hole in their souls with things they buy. If you feel pointless, maybe buying an SUV or iPad will give your life new direction.
  • The lost. People who have found no particular direction in life want to share the misery. Misery loves company? Misery creates company, and disguises it as “love,” of course. Much as bitter people act out their rage on the world, miserable people lovingly invite others into their misery.

Destruction of majorities — culture, values, philosophies, religions, classes and social hierarchy — thus becomes an immediate goal for the joined groups above. The Crowd (those undifferentiated, neurotic, lost and confused people, conflatable with zombies) and The Commerce join together to pound society into dust so they can slurp up the remains.

In the process, as a means of shattering culture, they seek to import people from all over the world and breed everyone into a uniform shade of gray. They do this to destroy culture and any unique traits the population has. They want everyone to be equal; another word for that is uniform, or better-than-conformist identical, so that no tension exists and everyone feels safe.

If you’re imagining a group of cows in the field thinking that they will be safer if they are indistinguishable, that’s about the psychology.

Within this process, our friends the Crowd/Commerce have created a new psychotic crusade for racial purity. They want to produce an old, but “new” race: the moral super race. In the name of morality, this new uebermenschen destroys all old races, creates a new equal gray race, and ends all racial conflict.

The new racist is not your Klansman in the basement, but your nervous person trying to rise in the urban social hierarchy. Concealing perhaps their own past unfortunate origins (an uncle in a mental hospital, a father who abandoned the family, a grandmother in jail) they seek to push others down. And they have found the perfect way to do it: claim moral superiority by attempting to create this new master race, this morally perfect master race.

As a side note, of course they don’t live what they advocate — they run away to comfortable high-rises with private security and just enough tame “diversity” on the lower floors, but far from those truly mixed neighborhoods where blue-collar people (like their own ancestors, if they were lucky) live.

These elites infest our educational system, government and media industries.

The eurosceptic and anti-immigration True Finns have taken nearly a fifth of votes in Finland’s general election, reflecting a trend across Nordic and Western European countries.

The phrase “rise of the far-right” has been used – though in each country the parties concerned have their own characteristics and do not necessarily fit the conventional “far-right” description. – BBC

How can there be such a backlash? We told them they’re ignorant if they oppose the New Master Race of the moral race.

Yet among there still exist people whose jobs consist not in flattering others and finding ways to make them click on web pages, but in producing hard results. From your farmer up through your independent plumber and businessperson, these people like to see results first before they leap after some theory.

This offends everyone from the not-getting-our-hands-dirty chattering classes, who want to believe because they wish something to be true, it is.

Across Europe and the USA a new right is rising. It denies the callow stances taken by our older mainstream rightists as well as the people who want to re-live WWII in a crueler form. This new right is composed of people who have seen history shift.

With the most recent shift of history, the “new” ideas of 1968 — hippies, peace, love, equality — became visible as the old ideas of 1789, and even before that, of A.D. 33 and 483 B.C. and every other time a civilization has fallen. These “new” ideas are excuses, justifications and social fashions that hide the way they will conduct us all into a failed state.

This new right is throwing off the mantle of the old and pointless, and brushing past our fears for our own safety that cause us to demand “universal” rules of tolerance, is agitating to construct a society based again on practical function as a means to achieving the really good things in life: culture, art, invention, and the kind of true happiness that comes from having meaning in life, which generally requires culture.

Brussels said on Sunday that national passport controls might be reintroduced across Europe to allow the “temporary” re-erection of borders between 25 countries.

Responding to intense pressure from Italy and France to tighten the no-borders system known as the Schengen regime, José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European commission, said he was looking at ways of satisfying the two countries’ concerns. Paris and Rome are alarmed at an influx of migrants fleeing revolutionary north Africa. – The Guardian

For now, it seems as if the moral racists are winning. The futilists look like they have the upper hand. This is only because they are from the wave which broke in 1945 and is now dissipating. They like to think they are revolutionaries against an old, hidebound, illogical culture, but they are that antiquated and obsolete culture.

We are the future. We are the people who say no to futile crusades, reject “moral” racial purity, and instead re-invent the things that have brought humanity happiness for time immemorial: culture, learning, meaning, bravery, hope, pride and reverent joy.

We do not have a media empire behind us to constantly preach degeneracy as enlightenment and indecision as moral sacrifice. Instead, we are a true grass-roots movement formed by the few who care about results attempting to reign in the rest, who do what directionless people always do, which is waste time and leave behind mountains of wreckage.

The futilists gnash their teeth at this, because like any good parasite, they thought they had weakened the host enough that they could feed for centuries at the open trough of its veins. Instead, although a small movement so far, a wave is rising from the sundered chaos of the old, with a desire to create a new society lacking the archaic futilistic morality of the old.

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