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The Easy Path To Secession From The USAR


At this point, most people who have been paying attention have realized that the USA is on its way out. It is dying for the same reason the USSR did, which is that it created a System to control its people, and that system chose the obedient and moronic over the good. Decline in a nutshell.

The Union of Socialist American Republics (USAR) replaced the USA in the 1990s when we let the 1968ers hit their forties and take over government. Zombie Boomers and brainwashed Generation X kids came together to praise Bill Clinton and the new “looseness” of American culture. It was not just rotten like the 1960s, but combined its rotten Leftist core with 1980s-style slick business acumen.

The result in the USAR is essentially a Communist country, but it fuels itself with the fires of capitalism. You must obey the official ideology to not be fired from your job and driven into hiding. Those who parrot the right memorized responses, like talking about how tragedy will bring us together and diversity is our strength after every terrorist attack, get ahead. Those who notice reality are marginalized.

The idiots won, you see. Leftism is the philosophy of idiots, or at least protecting idiots. That is what “equality” means: an idiot is as good as a genius. Sure, we pay the genius more… maybe… but that means he pays lotsa taxes in order to support the idiot. The smartest are enslaved to the dumbest, and because the dumbest are the largest group and growing in number, we have a permanent single-party system for the Pro-Idiot Party, who happen to be Communists Socialists? liberals.

Many talk about “exit,” or trying to peacefully withdraw, but we see how well that worked for the Confederate States of America (CSA) last time, and common sense tells us that when a liberal government needs money, those who “exit” will be the first to be forcibly re-absorbed. The beast will never have enough. But one option is to use a variant of the Putin/Orban strategy and try to drive away the morally pretentious North.

Vlad Putin and Viktor Orban are not fools. They know the West thinks a certain way, and that it is liable to make war on those who express public disagreement. But they have learned something from the response by American liberals to the American South: if you make those Coastal liberals think that there is nothing in your land but rednecks and crazy people, they will want you to leave. Their disgust will make them let you go.

As a result, Orban and Putin have approached their ideological shift cautiously while appearing to use Trump-style bravado. They make laws against public gayness, maybe throw up an immigrant fence here and there, and make public statements that seem overblown. In each case, they are cagily advancing their own interests while camouflaging them as rednecky incompetence so that Western liberals just give up.

We can see this process in the response of Coastal states to North Carolina’s enactment of a bathroom gender law. Under this law, you use the restroom which corresponds to the gender listed on your birth certificate. If you are a transsexual, you change your gender on that certificate and then you are able to use the bathroom of your new sex. The bill carefully avoids forcing business owners to have only two bathrooms and permits them to have unisex bathrooms. On the whole, it is a fair and sensible bill.

But that is not enough for the Coastal liberals! The fire god wants blood, you see… and blood is shown by forcing an ideological agenda for the sake of appearance, not reality. First the West Coast liberals claimed this bill was anti-LGBT (a fancy term for “not biologically heterosexual”) and then the New Yorkers chimed in. Now the sharks circle for the kill… and yet:

New York state has joined the cities of Seattle, San Francisco and New York in restricting non-essential public-employee travel to North Carolina. The moves are in response to a newly passed North Carolina law that critics say is discriminatory to the LGBT community.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order bans “all taxpayer-funded trips trip to North Carolina, unless they’re essential to public health or law enforcement,” NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang tells our Newscast unit.

Great hope can be found in this. This mostly symbolic act shows the disgust that Coastal liberals feel for someone daring to have another opinion. This disgust is a weapon, but it can be turned around on them. I suggest all of the Southern States should pass similar bills, and go even further. Tax birth control and tampons. Demand everyone go to church. Get extreme and act as crazy as you want, so long as you do it in a way that makes those Coastal liberals get queasy.

The only place safe from the ever-greedy belly of socialist-style government and the neurotic fatwas of Coastal liberals is the place that no one wants. Become that place. Make the South look utterly terrible to these Coastal neurotics and schizoids, and let them pull back. If they want a wall, let’s build that wall. Let us seal ourselves off from the North forever because we are so disgusting to their eyes.

In the meantime, cut free of their neurosis and the easy-money jobs of the cities that make people into robot zombies, we can rebuild civilization and eventually have enough tactical nukes to vanish them if they charge over the wall. Let the Coastal liberals face the fate of their reality-denying, misery-spreading Leftist mental health issues. We must break free, and it begins by making them not hate us, but be grossed out by us.

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