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The Alternative Right Is The Nietzschean Realist Wing Of Conservatism


Words, words, words. – Hamlet

Much has now been written on the Alternative Right, with very much focusing on the different groups in this big tent, and very little focusing on the ideas they share and on which these different groups harmonize. In a big tent, many groups come together in awareness that they have little in common, but in the belief that what they have in common is more important than what they do not.

The Alternative Right can be understood best as simply “Nietzschean Conservatism.” Some conservatives talk economics, others religion, and still others race, but few put them all together around a simple idea, which is survival/health/sanity as expressed by Fred “Mad Dog” Nietzsche in his many books. The goal of Nietzschean theory is to return humanity toward adaptation to reality, instead of adaptation to social morality.

Mad Dog’s point regarding The Enlightenment™ was that it pointed us in the wrong direction. Instead of thinking about consequences in the real world, we were thinking about how our actions looked, how unique they were, and the nonsense impositions of “good” and “evil” which reflect the desire of the herd to defend itself from criticism. My addition: that herd-fear is the fear of individuals, in a bundle, and thus the root is individualism not collectivism.

Nietzsche backed away from ideology — decision by appearance so as to motivate a politicized crowd — and looked at aesthetics, which is a way of saying we need to stop looking at minimums in our decision-making and instead turn toward excellence. Many solutions “work,” but for how long, and how good is the result? The leftist utilitarianism fell before his pen-sword, wounded mortally.

As a result, he offered many solutions which are unsatisfying to modern people. He raged against anti-Semitism and blind nationalism, but was a Nordicist who argued for a spiritual revival within our people leading to a restoration of our feral need to conquer. He thought the church corrupt and hollow, but longed for a rediscovery of God through an exploration of inner space. He deplored the Romantics, and yet brought out the best ideas from Blake, Wordsworth and Milton in new form.

The Alternative Right is similarly a mix. It does not make sense, as Ben Shapiro does, to look at the groups involved because those categories do not reflect the individuals involved, or why they are in the Alternative Right. All of us are here because we are Realists and recognize that the opposite of Realism is Delusion, and that Delusion is the default state of humanity and that giving in to it is how great civilizations die.

More than anything else, the Alternative Right is achieving harmony and balance with that issue: The Enlightement™ was craftily-concealed Delusion, and the only solution is Realism as a means to Darwinian adaptation with the added human need for excellence. This of course eliminates all the social moralists, including cuckservatives and others who specialize more in gaming the system than achieving results we can be proud of.

You can see why this is threatening to those who make their money — and this comes down to ducats, shekels, pennies and yen at its core — in mainstream politics are threatened. Realism says we do not need a vast parasite class comprised of politicians, pundits, consultants, strategists, journalists, bureaucrats and academics. We need a few realistic leaders and wise people guiding them, and nothing more.

Even more, the Alternative Right has — to borrow a line from The Wizard Of Oz — looked behind the curtain of democracy, modern capitalism and pop culture. These are phantoms based on mass mind manipulation, usury and pretense of novelty. They are hollow and always have been. The Alternative Right says that our whole path consists of looking in the wrong areas, and points us toward the real areas.

Unfortunately, guys like Ben Shapiro — and Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — have made their careers by inventing clever reasons not to look in those directions. They are the anti-Nietzscheans because their goal is social morality and not realism. They are utilitarians because utilitarianism is measured by social response, and so has been assimilated by social morality. That is how the game is played.

But fear not, Ben and others. The new Nietzschean frontier is easily learned, and you’ll do just fine, when you stop fighting history. Liberalism was a vast detour that our people undertook based on the promises made by Liberals, including neoconservatives. All of those promises have turned out to be wrong or, worse, lies. And now, the reversal has begun.

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