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That which rises is the eternal minority

I read the local newspaper today, where they had a list of people they’d interviewed and their stories and pictures.

All the people voting McCain, save one, were white suburbanites.

All the people voting Obama, save one, were of a minority group or recent naturalized immigrants.

It leads me to think of humanity in these simple terms: some rise, and the others unite against them, because they want what those few have on the basis of being human, also.

It’s a nice way around having to take responsibility for life, this sense of entitlement, as well as a good way to avoid the knowledge that we are not supreme beings. We cannot will ourselves to be equal. We cannot control the circumstances of our birth. And those two can’t-controls remind us of the big can’t-control, which is our lack of control over time and, with it, death.

There is one eternal minority to humanity and it is those who have by force of will, mind, body and soul risen above the rest, and if we ever want to get off this rock or have culture worth adoring, we need to cherish and revere those (without letting them know it, so they don’t get big heads).

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