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Texas Prepares to Secede

A few years ago, it was impossible to go more than five feet without someone mentioning the social contract. When I was at Home Depot, the guys who cut glass talked of nothing else. Even the church ladies at our local stained glass sanctuary were opining on it. And of course, the internet was on fire.

The basic idea of a social contract is that in nature you have certain rights, and you give up some of them in exchange for certain protections. No one wants to see how much this says that society arises from property rights, but there it is: the group defends your stuff so long as you defend the group.

With social contracts come other variations on the same theme. That is, the states came together into the United States of America (it’s in the name, as they say) because they were promised most of their natural rights with the added benefit of protection from a mutual alliance. The original USA was more like the EU than the UK.

However, at this point, the contract has been broken. The federal government stopped defending our borders. In the grips of an educated post-WASP elite of meritocracy winners, it fell into the same Utopian thinking that always seduces humans because it is popular and therefore, it is good marketing and makes wealthy winners of those who use it.

The Supreme Court might rule, as it recently did, that technically the government has a right to handle the border, but we could come back and say that in the spirit of the Tenth Amendment, the states have a right to step up when government refuses to enforce its own laws, or even secede because the contract has been broken.

The timing is right. Not only are twenty-five states now concerned enough about the Leftist importation of no-ID voters to achieve permanent Democrat majority, but the Leftist cities full of pro-immigration luvvies — White or hwite contrarians who vote against their own interest for social status points — are overwhelmed by illegals.

Diversity became the biggest issue in the campaign long before Trump, but since the Reagan years, he is the first to mention the threat of immigration and SJW politics here in America. With Europe experiencing a migrant invasion as well, the Diversity Question has taken over democracy worldwide.

Right now the Biden Administration has set up a showdown with Texas for tomorrow. One side will prevail. If a shot rings out, war could kick off, and while this might serve the Biden agenda for staying in power without elections, it could also tip the balance and unite the remaining sane people against modernity.

After all, like Texas, we have a complaint: the contract has been broken. The governments that were supposed to protect our civilization and nurture it are now trying to destroy it and genocide us. This leaves us no choice other than to replace our governments by any means necessary.

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