Furthest Right

Technology was supposed to set you free

Since the 1950s we have had a 400% increase in productivity as a result of manufacturing technologies. In just 11 hours of labour today we can produce the same amount of goods as somebody working for 40 hours in the 1950s. Today, for the economy to function we must consume 400% more than we did in the 1950s.

The Ecologist

I generally don’t read pro-Green sources because they are so smug, so morally pretentious and so violently arealistic that they drive people away from being green.

This tidbit caught my eye. So we’ve made ourselves more efficient, but we’re all still working all the time? I wonder why.

Maybe it’s because our growth has left us with so many people — especially so many fools — to support.

A lion in the forest knows what to do with a fool: he eats him. We should be so wise.


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