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People breed for money

Indeed, lawyers and financial advisers have reported a 50 per cent increase in the number of divorce inquiries since the financial markets collapsed in September.

A recent survey conducted by community website makefriendsonline revealed that a third of 10,000 respondents believe that financial hardship will cause a relationship to fail, while matrimonial law specialists Mishcon de Reya have reported up to 300 per cent more inquiries.

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“As soon as the financial wobbles started, she must have joined some upmarket dating agency because somehow she’s found another very rich man pretty damn fast.”

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‘We are being targeted by women on the fence between leaving their husbands who are on the brink of losing their wealth, and wanting to meet someone extremely rich straight away,” she says.

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Yet Susie Ambrose thinks such women ”are like businessmen – utterly ruthless”. The rich man is the career path, the meal ticket, and it doesn’t matter how fat, old, balding or unattractive he is – it’s solely about money.

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When there is no stability or order in society, and having money is all that matters, you will find this syndrome: people marry for money, and then justify it as love/health etc.

Normally, we call people who have sex for money “prostitutes,” which would apply to both male and female parties in this chain.

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