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Some Folks Just Don’t Have A Dream


Imagine you are an innocent bystander at Mizzou and then all of a sudden, radicalized members of the student body climb down from the resplendent trees and start chucking their feces like howler monkeys. It was sad how little active imagination that required. You remember that stirring and beautiful I Have A Dream Speech the famous, old Black Preacher gave I’m sure. Well, bad news, Kiddos. Some folks just don’t have a dream.

You see, a bunch of well-meaning, phony-griever virtue signalers got together to warble over The Great Orlando Puft-Shoot perpetrated by the nut-job ISIS wannabe who could not deal with his own kinky little fetishes. So there they all were telling the world they thought this was bad. And furthermore, they were good people because they didn’t like bad and evil things like Puft-Shoots. And they’ve even got a thousand selfies on (((Faceberg))) to prove it.

But wait! There was one, wee, niggling lawyer clause. Their “grief,” fashionable as it was, wasn’t intersectional enough to count as genuine ersatz virtue. The crowd at Mizzou was too packed to the brim with members of the gauche and cluttering Caucasian Persuasion. It scared poor little Ms. Attention-Strumpet to see all those white faces. They reminded her too much of the Human Resources apparatchiks that would detect about 20 falsehoods and 40 misspellings on her resume prior to consigning it the circular file.

You see, to have legitimate fake grief, you have to pay your Diversity Dhimmitude first. Like a medieval Islamic Mullah taxing Christians for the right to continue existing in an unconverted state, the racial mafia needs it’s cut of any political activity. If they aren’t getting paid, laid, and fawned over or whatever the heck else they want, your “grief” isn’t intersectional enough.

It reminds me of the local wise guy strolling down a street. He knocks on the door of every new shop he sees. He tells the owner. “Hey, that’s a real nice racket you got here. Shame if something bad happened. Don’t you think?” That’s what happens if your grief isn’t intersectional enough.

And personally, I have no sympathy for the fake idiots who got harangued at Mizzou.

If you are pretending to grieve over 50 people whose horrible demise does not impact you personally, you should not do the hair shirt in public routine. A polite and respectful condolence to a grieving member of a victim’s family is worth more in terms of honest human sympathy that ten million fake Proggy grief fests.

As a Christian I’m instructed to give with one hand so that other doesn’t see what that hand is doing. That means offering an honest remonstration with a fellow human being who has lost a loved one is not a chance for me to celebrate my own god-dammed smug self-righteousness. I will take my reward later. The people who fashionably grieve out loud and in public already have theirs. They sure got theirs when some selfish twat of a racialist decide their grief wasn’t intersectional enough…

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