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epic_failOngoing unrest in the Middle East is only the latest in a weary epoch that mirrors the persistence of thermodynamic entropy. Should any inequity rise above the dormant vastness into higher states of complexity and brilliance, the frigid clutches of equalization always awaits in the end to subvert it, whatever form it takes, be it matter and energy manifesting beauty for a while or a few living men who unlike all the rest seek out some excellency in life.

In a latter day globalist age of George Soros activist foundations, we are all expected to believe the teeming revolt across the muslim world is a testimony to lumpen proletariat Will to Democracy. Inside every Ay-Rab is an Amerikan just waiting to come out? Not bloody likely.

The body count, lootings, burnings and rapes accumulate across an entire region, all supposedly in the name of wireless access, equality and freedom, but never to just plunder while the obscuring smoke remains thick in the streets, from whichever nearby neighbors achieved more in life.

We are all expected to ignore the likelihood of a few key activists, like circus ringmasters in clown paint holding butcher knives, working the crowds attending various social media message boards through their connected wireless devices into an uncontrolled stampede. LOL IRL no less.

Nevermind that little but rage, despair, or nothing whatsoever has come from this very proletariat out to the rest of the world, even since the legendary golden days of pyramid building thousands of years in the distant past. Indeed, the herd removes itself from its grazing and rutting cycle to accomplish something of note only when an intelligent autocrat or a charismatic imam assembles it for marching orders.

Alternatively, we also have the ongoing example, where some crafty anonymous ringmasters work the oblivious herd into a frenzy, until this crowd finally notices well past the aftermath they were suckered into a conflagration of their own home but have gained nothing except a general downgrade in civil society organization in return.

These spontaneous uprisings have the fingerprints of the seditious liberal left all over them. Look for instance at their trademark version of imported angry mob democracy in Madison; the same due process circumventing activity we have read about coercing the lawfully elected representatives of Wisconsin’s local people.

Any authentic constitutional republic, any functioning civil society, would expel such democratic mob anarchy well outside the bounds of political legitimacy and into the violent overthrowal margins where the civilization hating undermen lurk.

Accidental lone gunmen

Since everyone has opinions, everyone has a totality of opinions: an ideology. And opinions tend to be shaped by environment. But what shapes environment today? Well, consider that to find right-wing influence, you have to seek it; left-wing influence seeks you. It is today’s default. Leftists control the schools and colleges, create the movies and shows youths watch and the music they listen to. And whatever news and documentaries the young are exposed to (e.g., Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth in class) are also almost invariably products of the Left. The young needn’t scour radio dials to find liberalism; they are born into it.


It may be tempting to mischaracterize a deranged person as some sort of monster for the results of their actions. But this isn’t the truth. The human being Loughner is entirely a tortured social and biological creation of the revolutionary left and its ideology distribution networks, the information gatekeepers we know as mass media.

Yes, this is the same mainstream media that immediately and unanimously disassociated itself from responsibility for its very own creation.

In recent years, he became a heavy smoker of marijuana and was rumoured to have sampled LSD. “His parents were very laid-back, like hippies,” said Jesse Martinez, 17. “They were live-and-let-live people, but not exactly in a good way, and so he grew up doing more or less what he liked.”

The dubious habits of some lifelong 1960s society dropouts resulted in offspring affected with what many have described as a debilitating psychosis.

Maybe his inherited genetic material was already damaged after years of parental alternative lifestyle indulgences. Or, the debilitation was inherited from parents who themselves were born damaged. Whichever caused this particular lone gunman, it was like bringing an automobile into the world but never bothering to put a driver behind the wheel.

For fear of crowd revolt, we no longer challenge thoughtless acts.

The crucial question is now whether Loughner’s killing spree was a random act by a paranoid madman, or whether he was in any way motivated by the hostile tone of contemporary politics.


This anticulture of mostly unaccountable irresponsibility is a product delivered to us by bloody proletariat revolution or the constant threat thereof. Who today is left alive to tell such people no, do not place your tormented offspring among us, or you are unfit for bringing a household and family here, or please leave our society for everyone’s sake?

The Loughner creation of the permanent revolt left and its media hegemony was like someone bringing that driverless automobile with its transmission in neutral to a hilltop and pointing it at our busy town square below. Twenty-two years later it begins rolling.

Worse, the responsibility shirking culprits recoil in cause-effect oblivious horror only to defensively blame random townspeople themselves in the aftermath.

In the end, it is only might in controlled information backed by busloads of bought but still raging protestors that shows us a radical progressive concept of what makes right in our world.

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