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To be a conservative after the fall of civilization is to be an archaeologist, digging through the ruins for what hints of what once was in an attempt to resurrect it. Since Western Civilization had clearly fallen by the end of WW1, we the postmoderns have nothing on our side, not even memory, in our quest.

Consequently we find ourselves digging into the past. As conservatives, if we are honest, we recognize that we think the French Revolution was a mistake. If we are further honest, we then must realize that we should rip out all of the changes wrought by that historical mistake.

Before Leftism took over Europe and drove it insane, our ancestors relied on a system of social hierarchy where each person had a rank corresponding to their intelligence and moral behavior. These broke down roughly as follows:

% Name Attributes
1% or less Jarls/Brahmins Noble, aggressive, intuitive, analytical: makes decisions about future paths; aristocrats, thinkers, clergy
9% Carls/Kshatriya Creative, adept, applied logic: follows paths set by nobles and deduces actions from that lead; artisans and warriors
90% Thralls/Sudras Minimally skilled, strong: obeys instructions from Carls, handles daily labor, disenfranchised and unlistened-to. Includes Vaisya, the shopkeepers and financiers.

This gave society a structure where those who made the decisions were the most intelligent and wise, with everyone else having a role that fit their abilities, which are heritable like most human traits. A lack of social mobility meant greater job security and ease of socializing, as well as finding mates.

Since the Revolution, we have been ruled by the lowest caste, who are the most numerous and operate many of our commercial enterprises. However, caste has come back into the news, mainly because even the Left sense its return and fear it.

Let us first look at an analysis of India that includes its caste issues:

For the majority of Indians, life is no better today than what it was in medieval times. Perhaps it is even worse now, with pollution, over-population, and the alien lifestyle of “modern living” added to the mix.

Corruption, tribalism, and “might-is-right” are the governing principles in society. The police, the politicians, the courts, and the criminals are all in bed together. The bureaucrat will humiliate you, extract bribes, and expect god-like reverence from you. The work ethic and lack of integrity are so bad that if you give away bribes too early, your work won’t get done. Citizens must grovel, prostrate, and bow down with folded hands. Every time I have to deal with those in the government, I use an agent to avoid the degradation that every citizen must face.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the citizens—men or women—are not innocent. While the government gets most of the blame, it is merely a symptom of the underlying cultural disease. The real problem is Indian tribal ways, superstitious, irrational and circular thinking, and the absence of moral and rational mental anchors. This is the root of all of India’s problems and why it is not and will not be a functioning civilization.

However, the interview subject continues:

As men and those from the higher castes tend to get all the blame, I should hastily add that women also have a solid track record as aggressors and they often commit the worst atrocities on other women, especially those from the lower castes, who routinely engage in caste-related violence.

The caste system exists, but it is a part of a much bigger problem. Indians are tribal and are constantly positioning themselves in the pecking order. The lower you go in the food chain, the worse it becomes. The lower caste people are the worst perpetrators of the caste system.

Most caste problems arise out nothing else but a lower-caste group subjugating another lower-caste group to show who among them is higher. As for all those horrific reports you see in Western media about caste-related violence, the vast majority of these atrocities are committed strictly within the lower castes, not by the imagined “oppressor” class.

In other words, the caste system worked because it suppressed these people, but with even somewhat limited social mobility, the “crab bucket” effect appears as they try to destroy each other so that no one can rise above the rest.

Caste systems reflect IQ bands, sort of like standard distributions, with the highest being in power and the lowest given minimal power in order to constrain the destruction that they — empowered by the Dunning-Kruger Effect — would wreak on others.

Diversity of population makes these IQ bands more pronounced, resulting in organic emergence of caste systems with low-IQ groups on the bottom:

In that moment, he realised that the land of the free had imposed a caste system not unlike the caste system of India, and that he had lived under that system all of his life. It was what lay beneath the forces he was fighting in the US.

A caste system is an artificial construction, a fixed and embedded ranking of human value that sets the presumed supremacy of one group against the presumed inferiority of others, on the basis of ancestry and often of immutable traits – traits that would be neutral in the abstract, but are ascribed life-and-death meaning in a hierarchy favouring the dominant caste whose forebears designed it. A caste system uses rigid, often arbitrary boundaries to keep the ranked groupings apart, distinct from one another and in their assigned places.

Notice the usual Leftist assumption: since people are equal (this is the Big Lie) and they ended up in different parts of a caste system, it must have been imposed upon them. In reality, society sorted itself with the founders on top since they achieved that founding, and the others as imported low-skilled labor ranked on the bottom.

The Left fears caste because it debunks their only idea, equality, by pointing out that we all have different roles based on our abilities, and these abilities are heritable. You gain the abilities of your ancestors.

Instead of a caste system now, we have an obedience system. Those who go through school, memorize the garbage and recite it, and then spend lots of hours at the job get ahead, while those who do not are excluded and die in poverty.

Caste was gentler, and we are slowly discovering that as our own “crab bucket” consumes our best hopes and leaves us with masses of angry, directionless people.

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