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Social Darwinism

These short definitions help enlighten those who apparently have no idea what it is, mainly because the literature on it is so confused:

Reddit isn’t based on Social Darwinism, which is the idea that the best people prevail because they’re more competent.

Reddit is based on the idea of what the masses like to think about themselves. One man, one vote = egalitarian liberalism.


Social Darwinism is that idea that despite us being in a society, natural selection still applies — the best rise and breed more, and the lesser fail and breed less.

It is often used as a justification for capitalism, itself a justification for our comfy consumer culture, as the line of thought goes.

However, it’s a good reminder that we need natural selection to be active in every societies. Societies try to be inclusive so they can motivate people together — “we’re doing this for all of us and everyone is welcome” — and as a result, they’re unwilling to let anyone fall prey to natural selection.

But that in turn leads to their calcification, as tolerant of the unrealistic leads them to place unrealistic people in positions of responsibility where they can distort the reality expectations of others. Lack of natural selection is ultimately what dooms every civilization that has yet existed.

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